Friday, August 25, 2006

i'm a "dillies" girl!

Larolin... owner of just asked me to join her design team. i'm so excited they have a great monthly scrapbooking kit, that has great papers, bellies. love them... and now i'm gonna get one to play with! so excited! thanks Larolin

i know it's been a while but.... i have had so much on my plate lately.... sorry!
grab a soda, a java, a beer and here we go!

tucker and dakota have both started school. seems so weird a junior in high school and a 2nd grader. dakota says he is doing well and so far likes it! tucker is doing good too. had some trouble with playmates on the playground.... but me i had a plan shared it with tucker over dinner, and it worked, i was mom of the year that next day! she loves her teacher mrs. williams (my maiden name, so it's easy to remember)

cheer is going full force learning the routine and dance, started on the pryamind last night, we start traveling the 2nd week in november and let up in april. ready to go! she is flying and started working on her private lessons with stratton on wednesday.... she was so excited about this.

eric and i have decided to make some MAJOR changes in our life.... it's called the clean and simple, uncluttered life. we will be going throught the house starting this week-end and cleaning and getting rid of stuff. we got alot of stuff when his dad passed and have never gone through it, the garage you can not even walk into. so going to do it first and then move into the house. we hope to have the last yardsale of the year in the next couple of weeks and the beging the gutting of the house. new windows, insulation, new trim, and crown molding a fresh start.

with that were do i scrapbook at? i have decided to put everything in my totes and go mobile till the house is done. speaking of scrapbooking, doing the shoot in 2 weeks. EXCITED went to ck in tulsa and had a great time! went with april d, melanie, stephanie, dana, mary, ruby dean, and april c. done some help teaching with april, worked in a booth on the floor, first time i have ever done that was alot of fun and got to meet people that i would have never met. helping in april's classes was the great! the women i met AWESOME! i so am in my element doing that! i met this girl who is now stalking me stacey sample. she it the cutest and most bubbly person. i can't wait to see her again! done a little shopping not much, some of the new stuff i was waiting on are not out yet so i will still wait. i have tried out for some new dt's and waiting to hear back. mmm we only have to wait about another 2 weeks, i so hope just to get a hm or some pages published. will let you all know!

now onto the serious stuff.... i have been thinking about some things here lately, stuff that has been weighing on my heart lately. then God starts to show me the answers a little at a time, or uses someone that he puts in my path to say "hey dingdong this is for you"

you know how short our time is here on earth? is it so little to what we will get to spend in heaven. and we spend it working, stressing, running erronds, making appointments, you know the everyday stuff that we feel MUST get done. we guess what i don't wanna care what gets done! SERIOUSLY... i'm missing out on what God has provided for me in enjoy in this life. my children and every little thing they do, do they wanna play in the rain, does tucker just wanna play dress up or barbies.... and i'm to worried about the house getting clean, laundry, ironing. i ripping my self off of life long memories i could be making with her. i miss my grandparents, my nannie and popo.... they live 3 hours from me and i wish i could pick up their house and drop it next to mine. visit everyday and cook together, just sit on the porch swing in the back yard and watch the world pass us by.... talking, visiting, eating popsicles, and enjoying the words they speak and memories that they have about me as a child and letting them enjoy thier great-grandchildren. i want to change that. i miss my mom, the wonderful influence she is on my life is unreal. but sometimes when we talk i wish i could hugg her through the phone. why must we live in diffrent places.... i don't want to wai till we get to heaven to make memories. i have taken time to reflect what is important and what is not. i want to change, i want to live every moment as though it is my last. why do i choose to let little thing bring me down, cause fights between eric and i. enjoy our time.... you never know when it will end. i'm rambling i know.... sorry! i want to live better, i want to enjoy the precious people that God has put into life. ok i must go i'm now crying at work.
i love you all
le anne

Thursday, August 17, 2006

some of my latest layouts.. sorry but i love them alot! for product check out
le anne
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