Monday, June 26, 2006

My Hottie DH Eric....
Miss You
Le Anne

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

good afternoon blogland....i hope everyone is doing well... i'm ALOT on the sleepy side and just flat wore out! i want to write about a issue today that everyone has a diffrent opinion on and i know some will not agree with me but as dh eric says "i'm gonna be on the emotional side of me now." (WARNING if you don't want to see or talk about the war in iraq please click off this blog NOW)

as many of you know my husband eric is a United States Marine, and i have never felt such a pride in saying that. eric gives up alot, and family time, and in 2003 he gave up the whole year to serve his country. i am very proud of him and any other person in the military and the sacrifices them and their families make. BUT... (you knew that word was coming) while in the beginning i thought i agreed with the war and that we were going to save and help hundreds of thousands of people who needed our help. i mean we are the United States Of America - the richest, most educated, and blessed people on the planet. stop and think about it, my views that i'm about to express, in some countries i could be killed for saying what i think and feel, or as a woman not even be educated enough to speak my mind. so with that said...
the war to me is a very sad thing and on august 1 - 2005 the war became very personal for me. we lost a husband, a father, a son, a friend, and a fellow Marine that i knew (not that baby graham's(nickname)death is more important than any other soldier who has died for our freedom, but i knew him there for a little more painful and personal) i since the beginning of this war watched over 2500 men and women loose their lives for what? i wonder some days... do you? here is what really gets me lately... we have Marines, Navy and Army personal who are being brought up on murder charges for being in a hostile enviroment and doing their job. the Marine Corps has an ol saying "shoot first ask question later" (to some i know not funny)but do you want to be there amoung people who hate you and don't want you there. i know the news feeds off the bad and that somedays that's all we see, i know there is some good going on there. but really in the latest stories of bringing military personal up on charges.. give me a d*** break. for that i want to know who killed my friend, my friends husband who is now raising two boys all by herself. i want to know, we have been there while they get their new government in order, and yet they stand by and do nothing to those who claim to be responsable for these actions against our soldiers while defending their iraqi country, and rebuilding it with my tax dollars. even as i write this i'm crying, i'm mad, sad and angry all in the same emotion. we let groups over there go un punished for burning civilian contractors alive. UNPUNISHED! the most recent story of PFC Menchaca and PFC Tucker being kidnapped and tortured and killed. an isurgent group claimed doing this, do we know where they are? is the city or area that they are in be that big? i don't know. but i think we should make an effort to find out and bring them to justice. is there justice in this war? for me no. i think we are over there wasting our tax payers dollars, rebuilding a country that in my eyes does not deserve our help. they burn our flag, spit on our soliders, and most don't even want us there. now the human side of me feels for the women and children that we are helping, but if we end this war on the same note that we ended the last war on. all we're doing is breeding more anger, because the men we are killing over there today, their children will grow up and be the next terrorist. is this war gaining anything? i know i'm not the most educated person on the planet, but i have a voice and i have a mind and i wanted to share. i pray daily for the soldiers who now in my mind fighting a war that will never end, and in that process we will loose more American Soldiers. is it worth it? we are loosing men and women in iraq that will never see their children again, walk their daughters down the isle to be married, high school graduations. and the spouses that are left behind, there is no words that could express what they go through everyday alone, raising their children. and longing for their loved one. i think it's time we send some of our congress, senators, vice president, and yes even the presidents children over there. i know some things would be taken a little more serious and personal if one of their children were ingured or even killed. we are not a military who discriminates, women can go to war to. (refering to the bush twins) instead they are hear getting an education and living the fine life. (please don't think i'm singling out the presdients daughters - i'm not) now i can hear some of you saying well they signed up to be in the military, those soldiers knew what they could get themselves into inlisting. yes, and i'm sure 90% of them would sign again, but do they deserve to set in jail, be charged with murder, possiably being dishonorably discharged from whatever branch of service they are in... for doing their job. i say no. what about you... do they deserve to be in iraq wondering what they are fighting for.
again i know opnions vary on this subject, but this is my uneducated, emotional take on the war. tonight when you set down to eat your dinner, know that there is a solider who may not have ate today at all or is eating an MRE. when you lay your children down to sleep tonight, know there is a soldier who has not seen his children in month's or maybe a year. when you lay down tonight in your air conditioned home and you are settling in to be comfortable, know there is a soldier who is trying to get 3or 4 hours of sleep in 110 or higher degree weather. get back out of bed go and pray for those soliders, who are fighting and some dying to bless you with those freedoms. thank-you
le anne bull
proud wife to a United States Marine
and proud to be an American

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

ooohhhh my... i so did some cleaning on my blog today. changed some people around you know... swapping. i so have been a fan of janna (she is one i added today)ok she commented on my layouts... AAAHHH! thanks - Janna
Le Anne

Monday, June 19, 2006

A day late of course (it's me!) In honor of Father's Day! here is one for Eric. We Love You. You are the best daddy!
Huggs XX Kisses OO and Love
Le Anne - Dakota - Tucker

Thursday, June 15, 2006

one of my favorite layouts i did at gasc in arlington.
huggs OO kisses XX and love leanne

ps did you notice that i have a picture of me and now know how to add pictures to my blog. thank eric!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


have you ever just wanted to vent? well talked to my lil brother last night and my mom yesterday and found out all about jerod's crash on his jet ski this past week-end. i'm personaly amazed that my brother was not hurt worse than what he was. for those who have never seen a jet ski race, it is very intense. these guys take it very serious and put ALOT of money and heart into this sport. my brother jerod said i could not post my thoughts on the ski web forum, so maybe the JERK i'm talking about will be smart enough to find my blog and read how i feel about his very unsportsman like conduct. short version of the story this JACK*** went to pass my brother on the outside on the curve jerod saw over his shoulder him coming and took the inside so J* could pass on the out side, well needless to say that was not J* intention. he became airbourne over my brother and actually landed on jerod's ski and tore it up pretty good. jerod knew there was other skiers coming behind him at speeds up to 50 mph or more (not sure i'm guessing but they go FAST) so he had to drive under the water to keep from getting hit. when these races go on you have a very small window to catch your favorite rider go by and yell. so when my sil denae and my mom didn't see jerod come by they knew someone had gotten hit and now know it was jerod. mom said she was so scare. as i'm sure my sil was too. well the J* never said he was sorry, and then have nerve to ask to borrow parts from jerods team " ReLoaded Racing" jerod said he was stunned. needless to say he got no parts from anyone who knows my lil brother. so i just want to send a warning out the guy - you know who you are, and you should count your lucky stars i was not there, cause you and i would have had words. so to protect the idenity of this man i should really not tell you the name of the J* i'm sure i should let everyone involved get thier own opinion of Kurt Coffey... ohhh crap did i put his name on my blog... darn it i already hit the publish post button. *wink love you jerod ... sign you biggest fan and big sis le anne

Monday, June 05, 2006

hi world.....

13 days since my last entry.. i know understand why i don't keep a paper journal..i suck at this! but since i'm here i will update you..pull up a chair and a cup of your favorite java.. i got mine here carmel frap from coffee beanery (went for frozen today!)
1. i just talked to my lil brother jerod on the phone (he races jet skies as a hobby and is ranked i think in the top 15 of his ski range in the US) yes he rocks! anyhow he and my sil denae and my mom connie went to lincoln neb. this week-end to race, he was in a crash on his ski yesterday. i could tell he was tired and let him go, all i got for now is that he messed up his right arm pretty good an x-ray (nothing is broken) and well how bad the ski is he didn't want to talk about it! please pray that he is ok and that ski doesn't need alot of $ to repair.
2. last week was a very rough week for me dealing with alot of presonal issues and struggles trying to work through them with the help of my mom and friends (what i would do with out my mom and friends - CRAZY) my mom love her she listens and then just tells me how it is! so does melanie sometimes you just need to have someone get in your face and tell you that it is ok to have bad days. my personal struggles are some that i don't care to share on line.. but if you would pray for me and my family.
3. had a yard sale on saturday only made about $80.00 but hey almost enough to pay for my hotel for this week-end.. yea! means i don't have to put it on a credit card!
4. tucker and i went to the old fort day rodeo on saturday night, and had a great time. she loved the cowboys.. (wonder where she gets that from??) she really enjoyed the barrell racing, cause it was the girls! girls rodeoing ROCKS! so everyone knows how bad this child wants a dog, well now she asked for a horse.. so daddy can teach her how to barrell race. told her we could not put a horse in our back yard.. so she then asked can we by a farm? i love it.. eric just laughed when i told him the story last night. i just think in the back of my mind she has got the perfect name... rodeo queen Tucker Bull barrell racing champion Tucker Bull .. think eric knew this would happen when he named her? i hear this KU home coming queen Tucker Bull and captian of KU cheer squad Tucker Bull. think we put to much pressure on her.. no cause she don't know i'm think this!
5. getting ready for gasc in arlington! leaving on wednesday with the girls. so excited i could use a little break. plus i have so much to catch up on scrapbooking wise. looking forward to a grand gasc time with julie, melanie, monica, rhonda, april d, and my newest buddies larolin and terry from little rock met these two and just hit it off. larolin owns get scrapbooking kit company check it out! staying at the wyndam hope that a/c works this year! and looking forward to joes crab shack! wonder if chachie still works there?
6. then the next weekend i will be heading up to pittsburg kansas (my home town) home of the gorillas grrrrrrr! for my family reunion. can't wait. my aunt melinda and uncle carl are flying in along with their kids anna and her husband marc and their little one . my cousin hans who lives in memphis tenn. can't wait to see everyone. gonna do some pictures for everyone. looking forward to getting some good ones of me and my grandparents and me and my mom, then some of my grandparents by themselves.
7. photography is going really well, i am so happy with how the buisness is going and hope it really takes off this summer.
8. well day i will work and go to the gym tonight, tommorow gym at 5:15 am and work all day, eric will take tucker to cheer, work wednesday till 3 then i'm out town baby! will check back when i return. will miss you all and see you soon.
huggs OO kisses XX and love leanne
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