Wednesday, January 31, 2007

well i have made you all wait long enough....
not only did we come back with the first place trophy, first place jackets, we also beat ALL the level 1 teams to bring home the GRAND CHAMPION trophy too!
the girls were also featured on too! check them out!
le anne

Friday, January 26, 2007

happy friday.....

so ready to go! go to ok city and see if we can't bring home another national championship. will leave after work and be home on sunday night. i hope everyone has a great week-end.

did i mention i know a cha secret! can't wait for it to come out! kisses and congrads.... you know who you are!
le anne

Thursday, January 25, 2007

let's talk.....

well here i am - thursady and getting reday to head off to oklahoma city this week-end to cheer cheer cheer GO JAGS!
this week has been fairly quiet... really jealous of all my friends you are going to CHA in cali this week-end. can't wait to share my BIG secret about what's going on at this years CHA... stay tuned.

well no one has responded to my #1 post from jan 15 but i love this list from so here is my #2 post (this is really #37 on the list)

list all the places you have lived...
birth to about 3rd grade Pittsburg Kansas
3rd grade to about 7th grade Tempe Arizona
7th grade to about 9th grade Pittsburg Kansas
9th grade to age 25 Rogers Arkansas
age 25 to age 30 Fayetteville Arkansas
age 30 to present Fort Smith Arkansas

when i think of all the place i have lived, diffrent people you have crossed pathes with... where are they today? who knows and maybe who cares! sorry live for today and cherish it!

well my photography web page is done and updated check me out eric has worked really had on it! thanks honey!

on another note while i didn't make the prism paper dt i did get a teaching job at in april and maybe another too! so excited kristen the owner sounds so sweet. i will give you more details soon!

well wish tucker luck this week and i will post how she does when we return!

het shout out to my mom - Connie friday is her birthday!
Happy Birthday Mom - I Love You!
le anne

Friday, January 19, 2007

This is what a NATIONAL CHAMPION looks like!!!!
Love You Tucker

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

good morning....
have changed some of my favorite blogs (on the right)>>>
well only two takers on my new found inspiration... well don't i suck! i did get book yesterday "living out loud" some wake up calls in that book. great inspiration.
le anne

Monday, January 15, 2007

good morning blog land

first i want to share what a great week-end we had. we headed off to grapevine texas on friday to cheer cheer cheer. and i'm happy to say we can home through some pretty bad weather, but got some beautiful pictures.... but we can back NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! yes i cried, tucker's squad went up against some great compitition and came out on top! eric got some great pictures of her and i will share tonight or in the morning. GO JAGS GO!

i want to share with you a weg page i found and join in this 100 day adventure with me... has opened my eyes to the "little things in life" i ordered her book "living out loud" should be here any day! yea! she as a "100 ideas" list created for scrapbooking or other creative ideas. i have decided to use this list to discover more of the little things in my life. if you print the list off i'm not going in order, i'm gonna do them as i feel they are touching my life. wanna do it with me?

1. go for a walk. draw or list things you find on the sidewalk. (this is the real #1)

for me... on new years day eric was doing some work and tucker and i just wanted to get out of the house. was just cold enough to where a sweatshirt and feel the brisk of the cold air, but yet be comfortable. as we walked along tucker enjoys running (she didn't get this from me *wink) so we would run a couple of blocks and then walk a few blocks. in all of her 7 years of life i have always reached out to hold her hand, (i don't know if this is bad, but for me was still moving) along this walk tucker reached up and took my hand many times, and simply said "i love you mommy" or "your the best mommy" and "mom this is alot of fun, cause we get to see all that Jesus made for us" tucker has such a heart for Jesus and all of His works in this world. suddenly we were looking for bugs and how every tree was diffrent, and how can a flower come up through the sidewalk... you know the little things. but yet to God they are so big and He put them there everyday for us to enjoy, and in the crazy world we call life... we are short to enjoy them somedays.

well there is my #1 now your need to take a walk and discover, then leave a link to yours on your blog or email them to me, i would love to read them.

much love
le anne
aka julsies libby

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

struggles, trials, depression, anxiety, and way to much on my plate... what to do... pray, pray alot.
will be back when i can be cheerful

Thursday, January 04, 2007

good morning & happy new year!
i must say i'm sorry for the blog lacking! crazy crazy life!
grab some java and sit for a while... that laundry will wait! *wink

the bulls headed off to lawrence kansas for the Christmas holiday and had a wonderful time with my mom and brothers and their wifes. got to go downtown and eat lunch and my favorite little restraunt chippolte home made burritos! yummy! got to go to my brothers house (jerod) and see his new shop... he lives in the country and was so nice to get out and breath some fresh air and relax. yes my mom took care of her little girl, pumpkin pie, ramen noodle salad, fresh cookies, and dr pepper (thanks trevor) i didn't gain any weight either. Christmas day we drove to pittsburg kansas to see my nannie & popo and my aunt melinda & uncle carl from michigan. had a wonderful time. tucker and dakota got everything they asked for, i went to the three gifts per child, just like Jesus got from the wise men.

new years eve was a party with the other cheer parents, had a great time and eric and i tied for the newlywed game 10 questions and we only missed one, but so did todd and krystal. we both got some creative gifts! *wink

well speaking of new years.... do you make resolutions? not me they useally get broke! so i decided to make little one, achieviable ones so here you go....

1. be a better wife - more supportive and understanding.
2. be a better mother - more patience, understanding, and time with my children.
3. be a better friend - one who sends cards and calls when one of my friends really needs me.
4. be a better buisness woman and photographer.
5. devote more time to scrapbook.... and for me!
6. finish getting my house in order, clutter free.
7. loose 10 pounds by my birthday (may 23) i willl give you more on this later!
and the most important....

8. make myself happy.... with the resolution it will take great faith and obedience, and prayer. but i'm willing to sacrifice and take baby steps to reach happiness! some already know what the main ingrediant to happiness is for me! so please pray!

i took a huge step and entered the dt contest, should find out end of january.... wish me luck.

well must get a little work done. see you soon!
huggs OO and kisses XX
le anne
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