Tuesday, February 28, 2006

have you ever had a day that you just want to SCREAM!!!!
today is my day... need a BIG margarita and to cry!
le anne

Friday, February 24, 2006

i ran and ran..... but i have been tagged by julie amber jones.....

1. what scrapbook lines, products, ect. do you dislike?
i think i'm all done with eyelets - to much trouble!

2. what is the hardest thing you have ever had to scrap?
for me i have had nothing that was emotionaly hard to scrap, but i have two of my bff's melanie and courtney whos counsin lost her son due to complications while preganant. her and her husband went through the delivery and the birth of their living little angel to only have him go to be with the Lord later that day. reading what melanie and courtney have wrote and the pictures that they took, i think i will treasure in my mind for ever. because i now know he is with Jesus and is healthy and happy and an angel for real. * still can cry over this.

3. what technique do you use more than anything else?
inking - paint

4. what is the smallest scrap of paper you save?
4 X 4 everything else goes to tucker

5. have you ever had any scrapbook related injuries?
well first the "heartache page" while at a crop at a church in greenwood i went to stay they night with a girlfriend and woke up about 2-3 in the morning with unbearable chest pains. cliff and mindy had to call an ambulance and was at the hospital all week-end. mindy was by my side the whole week-end and cliff her dh kept tucker for me.
second at that same girlfriends house i woke up one night after cropping thill 2 or 3 in the morning to use the restroom and kicked a cropper hopper rolling tote and broke my last 3 toes on my right foot.
other than those major ones just lots of cutting my hands with my scissors, or paper cuts.

6. finish this sentence "if i wasn't a scrapbooker i would spend my money on?" clothes, shoes, and house stuff. don't get excited i'm still gonna scrapbook!

7. give us your best storage or organizational idea?
i love my tic tac holder (walmart jewlery making supplies) for my little embellishments. other than that i have NO organization! *wink

8. you just won a week long scrapbooking cruise for 5. who is going with you?
well we would have to rent the whole boat i can't pick just 5! so all my bff's out there and i would give heidi swapp a call and see if she could make it, and melody ross and cat from chatterbox. cause i would need cat to tell me what to wear on a cruise. cause she is one HOT and HIP dresser.

9. when you recieved your first publication notification, who did you tell?
dh eric first
julie amber
melanie kaye
then a mass e-mail

buddies i'm tagging
heather a

Monday, February 20, 2006

My Dreams.....

this week-end while cleaning out my scrapbook supplies, i came accross this little note that Marah Johnson wrote to me two years ago at GASC in arlington. it was like someone smacked me in the face! it reads..... "Dare To Follow Your Dreams" signed Marah Johnson so what are my dreams? well here you are.....
1. to be a great mother to ds dakota (16) and dd tucker (6)
2. to be a supportive, loving wife to dh eric ( i fail at this often, but you know somedays he just pisses me off)
3. to be a encouraging big sister to mary - trevor - jerod
4. to make my parents connie and gary proud
5. to love and take care of my grandparents mildred (aka nannie) and roland (aka popo) i love them so much - that days my heart aches because i'm not closer to them
6. to be a loyal, supportive, great listener, loving, caring friend
7. to be a stong, faithful, praying, bible sharing christian woman
8. debt free

ok now for the selfish fleshly things.....
1. i want a HOME not a house
2. a chevy tahoe would be nice
3. a sucessful buiness that would allow me to stay at home and be a home maker and dedicated photographer, and scrapbooker.
4. a skinnier back side *wink working on that with the help of rose (my personal trainer)
5. my name in lights "le anne bull" ok settle for my name in many scrapbooks not in lights

i have decide to do just what Marah said i'm gonna "Follow Those Dreams" starting today! the first step is to be faithful and pray that God knows the path for me, and i must be patient.
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

what does it take.....?????
to make it in the scrapbooking industry? i know i'm not the next melody ross or heidi swapp but i would like to be known! to much to ask? i don't think so. so what do i have to do? invent something, my handwriting, or just general page creating? i think i'm a good scrapbooker, and take great photos, so what else do i need? one i need more time, anymore i only get to crop when i go to an event or to someones home. i set at home and know i need to crop, but look around and see so many other things that have to be done too. put this on my list of items to do! so i have set some goals for myself, now they may be unreachable goals but i won't know till i try. here are my scrapbooking goals....
1. i wish to be published 9 more times this year. (i will already be in the april issue of scrapbook answers - in case you didn't know! *wink)
2. to try out and make a manufactures dt
3. be invited to teach a class at a lss or convention
4. finish tucker's t-ball album, cheer album, and new york album
5. clean organize and create a fun work enviroment for scrapbooking

how is that to get me started? big goals i know, i can do it though! can you make a living scrapbooking? something i love to do and a hobby that has given me the bestest buddies a girl could ever have.
i don't want to be famous! *wink (but would take it if it came to that) just want to be known!
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne
exciting news....
i get to go to another scrapbooking convention this year! wow that will be 3 i get to go to! going to head out april 6-9 to st louis mo for the ck convention. i will be going with the ever famous rebekah price and julie jones. so excited i can hardly stand myself. what is go great well we are taking a class by elsie flannigan aka elsiecake on two peas! i got my necklace from her last night and WOW sooo cute! i have become a stalker to her too, so sweet and very talented! got an extra big suite and going to basically shop and take one class, go to one of their crops. but we are going to do most of our cropping in our room and get caught up, take some pictures and giggle and i'm sure chocolate and dr pepper will be involved! did i mention donna downey will be there too. and i have to buy one of everything chatterbox for my meli who can't go :( love you meli
well thanks for letting me share my excitement.
hugg OO kisses XX and love

Monday, February 06, 2006

hi ya bloggers!
i'm back... crazy week-end indeed. friday night made it to my mom's at about 9:15 the kids were soooo good! got up saturday and went to TARGET got nothing for me, but got my mom her 3-1 printer she hads been wanting (her b-day was last week) the went to JAYHAWK SPIRIT got a great burrito at chilantro in downtown lawrence YUMMY! that night it was to the winter event with my mom, and had a wonderful time, got to dress up, eat a nice dinner, and have a few drinks with my mom and all her friends. sunday it was off to tulsa ok. dropped the kids off with becca and eric and off to the Marine Corps meeting. well drove into the driveway about 7:30 and all i did was drop my stuff on the living room floor, put on pj's didn't move from the couch. back to the rat race today, trying to get everything lined out for what all i need to get done this week. will not be here on friday taking dh out for his b-day! it is a surprise so if you wanna know, give me a ring. been giving him a hint everyday of things he needs to bring, it doesnt bother him at all, i wanna tell him what we are doing so he will know that i thought about him and what he would enjoy doing. i will let you know, he better like it or next year he is getting a cupcake and pizza! *wink
more later ... cause i've been thinking!? scary i know but tune in later!
huggs OO kisses XX and love

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

ohhh just a little fyi.....
if you are ever in russellville arkansas look up fleaners whatt a burger! we stopped on our way back from the cheer compitition. and may i say HOLY MOLY! was it good! fries get a LARGE bag and any burger is good and the diet cherry limeade ROCKS!
end of ad!
bad blogger.. i have been! sorry! but.. here i am!
hope everyone is doing well, thing week has been crazy for me, and have a feeling it will be getting a little crazier! hey like i alway say welcome to my life. *wink have been working and doing many SLAH parties, eric out of town yesterday and then again this week-end, have cheerleading practice, but this week-end i will be heading to my mom and dad's house in lawrence kansas (home of the JAYHAWKS) will going for my mom's winter event at work (big dinner lots of door prizes) my brothers trevor and jerod and wifes will be taking care of both the kids (might pray for them, neither have children yet.. but i'm waiting!!! HELLO BOYS) will head up friday when i pick up tucker from school then swing through rogers pick up dakota and then on my way. then i need to head to tulsa on sunday for a kv meeting for the marine corps. will be alot of road time.. but sure to enjoy the time with my mom. trying to decided what to do about life, yes in general (alot of thought) have really let the house go this week and have done no house work! for that i will have to get it all done tonight plus go to walmart, and clean out the truck and wash it! where it that money tree at? i have not scrapbooked since last month, falling really behind on alot of work. got most of the girls cj drawn out and idea written on paper, but have i started one? NO! getting ready for the 12 hour crop, wondering how much i will get done at that, and still have to get my class kits together. time - time i need more of it! i say when the bills get paid off and the house get clean and can stay caught up on that, i realize i have forgot to do the thing that brings me so much joy! got my albums last night from heidi swapp so hoping to get started on cheer album and new york trip. ok i'm done whining!
huggs OO kisses XX and love
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