Tuesday, February 07, 2006

what does it take.....?????
to make it in the scrapbooking industry? i know i'm not the next melody ross or heidi swapp but i would like to be known! to much to ask? i don't think so. so what do i have to do? invent something, my handwriting, or just general page creating? i think i'm a good scrapbooker, and take great photos, so what else do i need? one i need more time, anymore i only get to crop when i go to an event or to someones home. i set at home and know i need to crop, but look around and see so many other things that have to be done too. put this on my list of items to do! so i have set some goals for myself, now they may be unreachable goals but i won't know till i try. here are my scrapbooking goals....
1. i wish to be published 9 more times this year. (i will already be in the april issue of scrapbook answers - in case you didn't know! *wink)
2. to try out and make a manufactures dt
3. be invited to teach a class at a lss or convention
4. finish tucker's t-ball album, cheer album, and new york album
5. clean organize and create a fun work enviroment for scrapbooking

how is that to get me started? big goals i know, i can do it though! can you make a living scrapbooking? something i love to do and a hobby that has given me the bestest buddies a girl could ever have.
i don't want to be famous! *wink (but would take it if it came to that) just want to be known!
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne


Julie said...

Great goals LeAnne! You can do it!!!

stephfreeman said...

You can do it!!! ok I am echoing Julie but I thought it before I saw her comment. What can I say - great minds think alike!

Tisham said...

I here you Leeanne!! Lord knows I have been published somewhere just about every month last year and do you know I am only on one Manufacturer DT (pink Maritni)..that's it! It is so hard to get in:-( I would love to be able to make some extra money at this..I have a good friend who made $10,000 last year just in Manufacturer DT's and magazine layouts..That is my goal this year..So far $200 dollars down..only $9,800 to go :-) You can do it girl! And congrats on the Scrapbook Answers!! That is awesome!

Melissa said...

Making a living at this hobby seems to be brutal... I too wish I had more time to scrap!!!!

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