Tuesday, May 23, 2006

36 ..... NO FLIPPIN WAY!

yes i'm 36 years old today. i will still claim 29 though.....*wink! how can woman be so blessed.
eric and tucker surprised me at my office first thing this morning before she left for school. (poor thing she is as bad as her mom, if there is a present involved OPEN IT NOW!) she could not wait till after cheer. i got a wonderful trinket box and two cards that were so perfect to me and eric and me and tucker. got a cup of coffee and a coffee beanery gc.

a card from my mom & dad with money

then this morning my nannie called..... have you ever loved somebody so much? NO..... not as much as i love my nannie. she called to wish me happy birthday, and the tears started to fall when she told me how much i mean to her and my popo, and all the memories she has of me growing up. i love you nannie & popo!

a phone call from my little brother jerod! love you

a card from bill and melinda with money

then the surprise from my girlfriends julie, melanie, and rhonda they brought me a home made cake with chocolate icing and SPRINKLES! i even got a candle to blow out (yes just one we did not need to call the fire department) i love you girls!

phone call from stephanie and ecard's from kara and karen. love you two!

i'm 36 crap that means i'm closer to 40 that i am 30 now! i don't think i look 36! do i? still full of life and a life that i love living, blessed with a husband and children who love me and help me reach for my dreams. a mom who loves me and forgives me for being a lil crazy sometimes, and family who loves me just as i am. friends that i could never live without and who push me to reach for my dreams.

me at 36 - thank-you for helping me celebrate!
love le anne

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

hi world.....

well here we are at hump day... i don't know why it's hard for me to write on here everyday, i'm sitting here at the computer for 7am till 3pm monday -friday... ok lazy or to much work... one of those sounds good! *wink
so what's up!!! with me here you go...
1. 21 days till GASC in arlington can't wait! not ready to go... have not even started. but hope to get some things around this week-end!
2. got pictures on saturday... dh eric has decided to go play golf with a friend dr. scott. so i now know i won't get to see much of him this week-end. guess it's a saturday - sunday thing!
3. my dear friend athena's mom got a GREAT report for the doctor last week after her long battle with breast cancer... it's now over she is CANCER FREE! praise the Lord! so they are having a little get together saturday night. should be alot of fun... tucker and i are wearing pink of course. my nannie is also a breast cancer survior... what a battle women must go through with this... when you have the chance please donate to this cause for a cure.
4. eric's cousin becca and her husband eric are coming down this week-end for a family reunion. can't wait to see her and eric. they are expecting their first baby, you know me i want pictures! we are getting a little boy!
5. for tucker and dakota only 7 days of school left- wow!
6. eric and i done a good cleaing on the house monday night, hope to get some more done tonight, have to iron too, plus get stuff ready for the cheer yard sale, think it's gonna be in greenwood!
7. dakota's knee is doing better, did i tell you he got his learner permit to drive... oh my dakota driving! plus he likes his new job!
8. my nannie's eye surgery went ok... please keep her in your prayers. love you nannie and popo!
9. and my mom connie is at home, she is getting some rest but i think she is ready to get back to work too! thanks for all your prayers. love you mom!

ok all things caught up i think....
still working toward my many little goals, please keep me in your thoughts. i hope once i get the house cleaned out and somethings bought up for the house and paid for things for dreams will start coming into play.

something i disovered today while driving to work... what happened to radio stations that play good ol country music! yes conway twitty, old george straight, oak ridge boys, you get my point. i grew up on that stuff. flipping through the radio this morning i found one. 107.3 love it! i'm sure i looked the fool driving to work got to hear conway and the oak ridge boys i was one singing FOOL! love it!
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

good mornin blogland (and to the only 5 people who read this *wink)

alot has happened in the last week so hear again is a recap....
1. please keep my mom connie in your prayers - she is still in the hospital some time last week her appendix ruptured and had to have surgery last thursday night. she was filled with the toxic crap that can go into your body when this happens. she is still not up to par, but i'm believing that she will make a complete recovery. i only wish i was closer to her to take care of her.
2. my nannie is having surgery this coming monday on her eyes. please say a prayer for her too.
3. good news my friend julie that we were praying for her little pug miles... that little thing came home on saturday! YEA! check out the whole story on her blog to the left.
4. dakota gave me a lil scare last night called from the ER in rogers. he is ok just cut open his knee while playing ball. and 5 stitches and 12 staples later, he is feeeling much better. just talked to him and he took the day off from school. did i mention he got his 1st job... he will be working at the hospital in rogers, not sure what all he will be doing yet. i'm excited for him, cause he's excited.
5. the girls and i had a wonderful time on friday scrapbooking at my house all said and done i got nannie cheer book done, tucker's teacher year end gift done, julies cj done, the cover to my NY album, and a little organizing. now i have to get everything doen for GASC we leave in 29 days WOW! i know i'm taking my NY album, i got everything sorted in to places, pics, and thing i picked up last night at cheer. that is ready to go. still have a list of cj to get done, i hope to get to work on that this week-end. plus need to take more pics of tucker to take with me. i'm only taking 3 classes so i will have alot of time to get personal stuf

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

yes - yes i'm still here.
CRAZY CRAZY around here! So heres the big long catch up...
in arlington all three squads took home the 1st place trophy. done for this year, but looking forward to what is in store for next year. around there and with staci as the coach it's only gonna get better! In other cheer news check out www.acujags.com and check out who is the parent of the month. ME !! keith hocott gave me the honor, although i think he is really confused about me being so loud that i have forced him to move the camera set up. *wink i love the friends that we have made at that gym - life long friends that are just awesome... yes keith you can be one! but your wife helps your status *wink.
2. eric has drill this week-end so what else would the women of the house do on NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY! that's right the girls are coming over! friday night yea! hope to get some stuff done and caught up. you funny girl! went to scrapbook mania in fayetteville last friday - got 2 of my mm masters layout done - i really love them! got 1/2 of another done. gonna try to get some stuff sorted and done tonight after cheer.
3. well keeping up on the house is going well the living room - bathroom - and dining room stay very clean and organized. i have had 2 yard sales and at each of them i have limited myself at what i put back into the garage, so that means alot has been donated or given to goodwill. i have got 1/2 the attic cleaned out and sorted to scrapbooking or to the kids memory boxes. makes me feel so good getting the clutter out. still have a lot more to go through. hope to have the clutter out and basics only by the end of the year. *crossing fingers!
4. www.lifeslittlemomentsphoto.com is going well. booked through the middle of june, and hoping to get some more bookings. this brings me so much joy and relaxation - i love creating memories for others. got to get on to eric to finish the web page and get some advertising going!
5. well the school year is almost over hard to believe that dakota will be in 11th grade and tucker in 2nd - where does the time go. i guess this is a hard time of the year for some of the teachers - my friend athena i think has it down to minute of when school is out!
6. on great news tucker and i were baptised on sunday night at our church. was a very moving and exciting moment for both of us. to see tucker's love for Jesus shine is one of the most powerful things i have ever seen.
7. please keep eric's old unit in your prayers 1/25 is in iraq now, pray for their safety, and to keep them stong.
8. keep my dear friend julie in your prayers to - her lil pug miles is missing. please pray for miles safe return home.
i guess that's all i can think of for now. hope everyone has a great week.
huggs OO kisses XX and love
Le Anne
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