Friday, June 29, 2007

miles said "to grab a drink" and "come kick it at the pool"
miles you are so cute! fatty!
love you

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

hang on to your panties, i'm bloggin two days in a row!
i stole this from elsie flannigan's blog and thought it would be fun!

1. what is your favorite word? mommy
2. what is your least favorite word? work *wink wink
3. what turns you on creatively - spiritually - emotionally?
creatively - a great photo - and new products
spiritually - hearing a sermon from my pastor that really hits home, one that make me realize i'm not as nuts as i think i am.
emotionally - for me this is easy, i'm a emotional basket case so tucker sometimes touchs my heart with something so sweet and just out of the blue.
4. what turns you off? bad breath - bad teeth - rude people - people who eat with their mouth open.
5.what is your favorite curse word? sh*t or he*l
6. what sound or noise do you love? tucker when she is laughing so hard, and when she tells me she loves me.
7. what sound or noise do you hate? tucker talking back, rude people.
8. what profession other than your own would you attempt? paralegal - would have to go to school, but always wanted to do this. i'm way to emotional to be a lawyer.
9. what profession would you not like to do? mine *wink jj i could never be a nurse, poking people and seeing someones insides YUCK!
10. when you reach the pearly gates of heaven what would you like to hear God say? you may have slipped, you may have fell a time or two. but you prayed asked for forgivness, and my child i still loved you. you have made me proud.

let me know yours!
leanne irene

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

good morning fellow bloggers....
grab you favorite drink.... mine for now MONSTER!

i'm again a bad blogger! smacking hand!
i will go back as far as i can remember and tell all....

well tucker is out of school and currently going to girls inc. here in fort smith. it is a summer program for young ladies. tucker seems to like it. they can go swimming everyday if they would like, arts and crafts projects, cooking classes, hiking, going to the park, ect. what was such a blessing about this is, we were paying $65.00 a week at daycare. this whole summer program YEP you guess it $65.00 FOR THE WHOLE SUMMER! able to save alot of money and put it towards school. (tucker goes to a private christian school, if you are new to blog) we are on a 2 week break from cheer, kinda nice i still leave at 3 and spend the afternoon with tucker. speaking of cheer gonna get going full force in about 4 months, starting to learn parts of what i think might be the routine and tucker is looking real good for flying again. its so hard to believe she will be in 3rd grade this coming year. but you know they grow up right before our eyes, sometimes just a little to fast. speaking of that.... she lost a tooth the other night and placed it under her pillow, knowing that the tooth fairy was sure to come. but the tooth fairy was EXHAUSTED from having a yard sale in the house (more on this later) and having to clean it up.... that she went to sleep and didn't wake up till it was to late. sunday morning we go off to church and i tell tucker that i will call the tooth fairy and let her know that she had lost a tooth. when we get ready to go to bed that night tucker asked the question that i fear and know that she is growing up. "mom are you and dad the tooth fairy?" WHAT? i ask NO! (no i don't lie to her but here YES) why would you think that? i ask "just cause" she says. eric says he doesn't like lying to her, well i don't either but she is the last little on that i will have and i don't want to loose this, my luck next she will ask about "the big guy" you know!!! any how tooth fairy came and left $5.00. tucker was happy and nothing else has been said.
went off to gasc (great american scrapbooking convention) in arlington a couple of weeks ago with rhonda and melanie to teach for i was just the cute girl handing out the kits and doing door prizes. had alot of fun. met up with april on friday only, and met with angie, brit, and mandi all week-end. {{love these girls}} and met my twin look at pic below miya and her mom alice. they were a BLAST! and a big shout out to jeannie, and my ever so sweet friend heather ales met up with her sunday at the store she works at ok are you ready they have shopping carts IN A SCRAPBOOKING STORE! ohhhh THANK-YOU Jesus! I only spent about $40.00 but the whole shopping cart thing was tons of fun. wanna see a picture and scan down you can see rhonda with one. ate at this killed mexican food place in the same shopping complex and the scrapbook pad! SERIOUSLY need one of them in fort smith. i kept eating and eating and when i felt it was stopping in my throat i knew i could not eat any more. all and all was a great time. i really missed julie and monica who went with us last year.
this coming week-end i'm preparing to go to pittsburg kansas (my hometown) it's my grandparents - nannie & popo's 60th wedding ann. (see pic of them below) get to go eat at chicken annies... mmmmmmmmmm can't wait and the saturday off to th park for some family fun and visiting. my aunt melinda and uncle carl and their children hans and anna with their spouses are here and can't wait to see them. will post pics when i get back.
my julie is turning 30.... we had her surprise birthday party saturday at her house. was a BLAST! she was so surprised! we had hamburgers - hot dogs - all the fixin's and great cake with fun drinks. i think a few people got pushed in the pool, maybe by accident.... NO - NO accident! with pink ballons and surronded by here friends i think she had a wonderful time. love you julie!
ok on to the yard sale, was going to have a yard sale saturday, but with the chance of rain.... i did the craziest thing ever! i had the yard sale in my front living room. moved the rug and couch into the dining room and with eric's help got it all set up by 10pm. the nest morning was a little slow, but my time it was all said and done $267.00 dollars and eric would not let me put ONE box back into his garage. so divided it all up community rescue mission, clothes closet, good will, and a trash bag. it's all gone! have added some new things while going room to room in the house but most of the stuff has been though 3-4 yard sales. was so good to clean it all out. when we got home sunday from church and to sweep and mop the floor twice to get it looking good. but with it clean, dining room new paint and all SLAH decorations out, clena sheets on everyones beds, a whole LARGE bottle on pine sol, and laundry caught up (don't look and the back room - will be done this week) the house looks so nice. smells SO clean. i {{love}}it!
having a small get together in july and the big one....
tucker's 8th birthday party coming up july 20th. sending out invitations to 18 little girls to come to our house for a sleep over. eric is SOOOOOOO excited! i think it will be a blast.
so i'm glad to get the house cleaned up alittle bit. would like it all looking nice before my little gathering, and tucker's party.
scrapbooking personaly.... cleaned out the scrapbook room and have better than half of it purged and cleaned out and sold it all in the yard sale! have finally got a system that i think will work big ziploc bags went through 3 huge boxes and labeled them with events and laid it all out on the floor, i think i have it all sorted out and can start working on albums or mini albums for all of them. i have some great ideas running through my head.... if only i had the time to make them all happen! speaking of that....
i have some really big desires in my heart and really trying to put the foundations down to make thoughs desires and dreams come true. please say a little prayer for me. i continue to ask God if He is putting these desires in my heart to show me the path He would have me take to make them happen!
well i think my fingers are numb.... julie i posted girl and posted BIG!
i love you all (all 10 of you) *wink wink
le anne irene

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

hi blogland... would you like to be moved...

i hope he wins the whole thing!
kiss kiss

dang it can't get link to work click on her name on right side of my blog cathy zielske

Thursday, June 14, 2007

well i told julie i would try to update - it will be very short and very sweet. tomorrow i will share everything that has been going on...ALOT!
i just got back for gasc in arlington - this is my new friend miya - YES she is as crazy as me!
see you in the morning!
le anne
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