Monday, April 30, 2007


i have a question for you.. the cintas uniform man every monday when he comes has to ask the dumbest questions (so not his fault, some ding dongs who wants more paperwork to do and well ask dumb questions)the question is... are you very satisfied?

with what you drop of uniforms? (rude i know)

but my question in response... are you ever really satisfied? really... i have good times and bad times and times where i just ask myself "self, why do you try so hard, with so sense happiness"... just numb!

this kinda goes along with a sermon that pastor holden preached this week-end. i truely believe we are living in the end times, and Jesus is soon to return. are you ready? when i stand in judgement of my Lord what will i say to Him? i was so moved with this sermon...
i know i have family members that are not saved, am i doing my job in ministering to them... no. there are some days i feel that i don't even set a good enough example to share my walk with God to anyone. i know we all have days that we slip, but somedays i want to remind Jesus "Jesus my plate is FULL" and "i don't know how much more i can do and or take." and in my heart this is what i hear back "you bring it all on your self"
i so wish that the word "simple" would come into my life. how do you find it, where can i purchase it at? soooo...

my answer "are you very satisfied?" No, No i'm not.....

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

hi ya.... guys (eric my husband and maybe keith (another cheer dad) and gals... all 10 of you maybe! *wink

doing ok here, a little stressed... but for the most part doing ok!
well this last week-end i was off to "Croppin In The Wild" at ferncliff camp in little rock ar. I met april half way and followed her... had a great time. was so beautiful, and i was full of ideas so i got ALOT done. 3 layouts, finished my austin mini album, and entered a few contest's the abouve layout got me first in the sports contest! yea! i have another that won over all layout, i think i will save it for my mm master's entry. i was saving this one to BUT is has hit the web... so i will let everyone enjoy.

yes i will play victim to mm masters contest again this year, with a full year of finding my style i think i might have a better chance this year... crossing my fingers and toes.

was excited to be asked by rhonda of to travel with her and melanie to gasc in arlington in june. my friend melanie was just named one of the new chatterbox storytellers you can see it here
will sure be alot of fun. we will be cropping each night. so if you are ther please come by and say hi!

in other good news i have a layout featured on it's of my dear friend julie's pug "Miles" wsho is the sweetest puppy ever! thanks allison for the wonderful opportunity to be on the hambly blog!

other than that just work work and yet more work. doing pictures, proofing pictures, and trying to get alot of personal matters resolved.

my friend karen came through her surgery the other day and so thankful that it was not as serious as we all thought it could be. my other friend dana is having surgery before end end of the week i pray for the same outcome. blessings, many blessing!

please check out and if you live in the fort smith area join us for national scrapbook day, would love to spend the day with you!
gotta get back to work
love and kisses
le anne

Thursday, April 12, 2007

one month and 10 days later you get an update....
i will start with the 2nd annual crop.
on march 29th i started my drive to peite jean mountian (right outside of morrilton arkansas) was a beautiful drive... by myself time to turn of the radio and enjoy the drive. i of course was expecting the croppers to stay up till all hours of the morning so stopping and getting my 'monster' energy drink WAS A MUST! the poor little girl died when i came to the register with 6 of them...'you are not going to drink all of these? are you?' to myself 'yes i want to run around like a chicken with my head cut off!' but instead she got 'no i don't plan on drinking them all in one setting' DUH! back into the truck to finish my drive. when i got there... of course i was the last dt girl to make it. but jumped right in and was up till 2:15 in the morning getting everything ready. then off to bed! up at 7:15 yes i got out of bed put on undergarments and brushed my teeth and hair up in ponytail. off to finish what needed to be set up... gross but why take 2 showers? my thought... got everything done by 10 and off to look cute... ok as cute as i could get! *wink wink by time the croppers got there i was so excited to see there faces when they got to see everything that was in store for them. MANY surprises, enough door prizes for everyone, great classes, and TONS of fun. day one friday up at 7:15 to bed at 2:45am! day two saturday up at 7:15 fun all day and the food.... well ROCKED! all homemade food with love and care to details. to bed at 2:25am! day three up at 7am and ready for the last day, yes and no. YES because cement floor and my knees and ankles were KILLING me! NO because this year we had 41 croppers, they never got out of thier chairs they were waited on hand and foot. it is so much fun to see their reaction to being pampered. NO i can't go to the bathroom for you! *wink wink but i got to meet some really great ladies and i have attached so photos i ripped off from april. ladies i hope you had as good a time as i did and can't wiat to see you all real soon. got home about 8pm (we stopped and ate dinner and a great mexican food place... with NO margarita's WHAT) when i got home the house was spotless, eric and tucker had worked really hard to have everything caught up so i could come home and well SLEEP!
i will post more on personal issues later.
kisses and huggs
le anne
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