Thursday, April 12, 2007

one month and 10 days later you get an update....
i will start with the 2nd annual crop.
on march 29th i started my drive to peite jean mountian (right outside of morrilton arkansas) was a beautiful drive... by myself time to turn of the radio and enjoy the drive. i of course was expecting the croppers to stay up till all hours of the morning so stopping and getting my 'monster' energy drink WAS A MUST! the poor little girl died when i came to the register with 6 of them...'you are not going to drink all of these? are you?' to myself 'yes i want to run around like a chicken with my head cut off!' but instead she got 'no i don't plan on drinking them all in one setting' DUH! back into the truck to finish my drive. when i got there... of course i was the last dt girl to make it. but jumped right in and was up till 2:15 in the morning getting everything ready. then off to bed! up at 7:15 yes i got out of bed put on undergarments and brushed my teeth and hair up in ponytail. off to finish what needed to be set up... gross but why take 2 showers? my thought... got everything done by 10 and off to look cute... ok as cute as i could get! *wink wink by time the croppers got there i was so excited to see there faces when they got to see everything that was in store for them. MANY surprises, enough door prizes for everyone, great classes, and TONS of fun. day one friday up at 7:15 to bed at 2:45am! day two saturday up at 7:15 fun all day and the food.... well ROCKED! all homemade food with love and care to details. to bed at 2:25am! day three up at 7am and ready for the last day, yes and no. YES because cement floor and my knees and ankles were KILLING me! NO because this year we had 41 croppers, they never got out of thier chairs they were waited on hand and foot. it is so much fun to see their reaction to being pampered. NO i can't go to the bathroom for you! *wink wink but i got to meet some really great ladies and i have attached so photos i ripped off from april. ladies i hope you had as good a time as i did and can't wiat to see you all real soon. got home about 8pm (we stopped and ate dinner and a great mexican food place... with NO margarita's WHAT) when i got home the house was spotless, eric and tucker had worked really hard to have everything caught up so i could come home and well SLEEP!
i will post more on personal issues later.
kisses and huggs
le anne


Julie said...

=) ahh, the memories!

Stacy said...

Such a fantabulouso time! You princesses ROCKED the mountain.... teaching and helping and pampering all of us lazy butts! I do strongly suggest catherization next time around so there will be NO reason to get up out of your chair the entire weekend! Hope you have talked with your agent about insuring those one of a kind ear bobbles by now. They are in demand BIG TIME on ebay! Um... have I mentioned how much I miss ya already?

stephfreeman said...

so wish I could've made it this time!! I am feeling more and more sad the more fun stuff I see about it!

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