Friday, December 30, 2005

ok something i just discovered on two peas check out looks like new stuff is coming.... can i just pre-order it now, i will of course have to have it ALL!
good morning!
well i just a jump start on my first night of changing .....
last night i got the living room and dining room DONE completely clean pine sol-ed, mopped, vaccumed, extras clean out and priced for the yard sale, boxed up and put into the garage. this took from 6-10.
in between i got tucker feed, bathed, played a game, and rocked to sleep, 2 loads of laundry, new southern living at home catalogs put into envelopes and ready to ship.
i'm tired!
i saw where one of the other girls on boards says she puts on her calander what room will be cleaned that night, with one load of laundry (if need be) this could be a great way to keep up?? i would just have to pick rooms on tuesday and thursday that will go quick, because of cheerleading (i don't get home till 7:30) i think i'm gonna give this a whirl, starting monday. i gonna work hard all week-end and get the clutter out (as melanie calls it) and start with fresh canvas (if you will). please let me know if you have other ideas? short of hiring a maid, i think this one might work.
huggs OO kisses XX and love

Thursday, December 29, 2005

what do you want for the new year ????
that is a big question. i have read several other blogs and seeing everyone making new years resolutions. me i NEVER stick to them, so why make them? so what i have decided to make a list of things in my life that i know need improving on, and i'm going to keep a diary to record my feelings, and thoughts. ok ok i know another thing to keep up with, but hey i'm at cheer for 3 hours on tuesday and thursday i would hope i can keep it up. if you know me, ok know me well enough please chim in on the changes you think i should make. here are some of the first ones that i have thought of..
1. be less of a pack rat ( SIMPLICITY - clear out the things i don't use or touch daily, and put a curve on impulsive buying, unless i'm in TARGET *wink)
2. to be a better wife, mother, friend, daughter, grand daughter ( with this it means more patience WHAT, realizing i need to live for today - it only happens once and you can't get it back, clearing my schedule for ME time)
3. scrapbook more for myself, not with the hope of being famous or even getting noticed. (heidi if you are reading this - (picking myself off the floor laughing) i still want to be on your dt and that statement does not apply to you *wink)
4. to be a great buisness woman, and make a living at it.
5. to leave my mark on this world.... ok small mark, but what is my purpose?

please help me, am i on the right track? i know you all will let me know.
huggs OO kisses XX and love
good morning .. i come with VERY happy news! i guess since i got the call it's ok to share on the www! * wink
after almost 2 years of marriage my cousin (by marriage *i love her like blood) becca and her husband are going to be parents! HOLY MOLY - she called me a work, i teared up and was just so happy, i even got to pull my princess diaries "SHUT UP!"
ok thanks for letting me share... eric and becca i'm so happy for you and love you both very much, you are going to be GREAT parents! well i'm off to make baby things now.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

i know ...i know ... i know
i have not been here in a while, but hey i'm not famous so i imagine the only folks who read this are my dear friends, family, and those who find me by accident! *lol but if you found me by accident hey stick around *wink i'm alot of fun!
well Christmas has been here and gone, the bull family made the trip to lawrence kansas to visit with my family, for the most part had a wonderful time. enjoyed being with my mom, we got to scrapbook, shop at TARGET and i think i have been banned from entering another TARGET for a while *wink (love you eric) when we entered i asked dh eric if i was on a short leash with money, girls he never answered, i think that means " honey you shop" then we get in there Christmas Eve (mind you) and he give me and mom 30 minute WHAT i can't even get to the Starbucks that's in there get a coffee and make it out of the card section in that time frame. so mom and i hurry 40 minutes and $100.00 later i think NO i know i'm in trouble! *wink have i mentioned I LOVE TARGET i think if we had one in fort snore sorry fort smith it would not be so tempting to go in one when i driving down the street. had a wonderful time Christmas morning tucker got her dog (stuffed) wiener dog "sweet pea" is her name! hey no dog food, and no mess. she never told santa that the dog had to be alive! *wink and of course we ate to much, and rested and then ate again. dh eric got to go hunting one day out on my brother jerod's land, he didn't get anything, but i think he had a wonderful time just being by himself and enjoying nature. got home last night about 9pm had to stop off at nannie and popo's house, got to spend about an hour with them (which is never enough time) got home didn't even up pack, i figured my suitcase has been packed every week-end this month so one more day will not hurt! *lol have so many things to get done over the next couple of weeks ... oh where will i find the time to get it all done, lack of sleep and starting 15 projects at one time will happen! (just a warning for eric) i think i will work full day's all this week, tucker is at ms angela's and just loves it there, so i will stay and make the paycheck alittle better, and try to get caught up on the year end stuff. well then why am i one here bloggin..... cause i can *wink!
huggs OO kisses XX and love
be back soon!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

it's happening..... i'm on the world wide web..... YES ME check out my gift from dh eric! it's not done but he worked till 11 last night getting it that far. are you ready i will be getting releases ready to put some photos up and getting ready to FOCUS on this buisness and make it take off! thanks for letting me share!
huggs OO kisses XX and love

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

well i'm totally excited now ...
julie amber jones made it as one of the finalist at amlt dt contest! julie honey i love you and i'm so happy for you, and least one of us made it * wink and BIG congrads! go check her out go to dt finalist and there she is!
huggs and love

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

good morning ...
well i'm coming to you all (my friends) and throw myself a pitty party (is that ok- it won't last long) i just got an email from AMLT and i didn't make their 2006 dt. i think i'm ok with that, (not that i have a choice) just a little sad. i thought i had really BROUGHT IT! dh eric thinks i'm in a rut. i need to focus more and find my groove, mojo, whatever has been missing for the last couple of months! i just hope julie makes it! ok pitty party is over!
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne

Thursday, December 15, 2005

good morning - ok afternoon where has the day gone? well the "hermi bull" funeral went well. hermi now is buried the backyard in a cigar box with white and red roses. it was a beautiful service *tear tear. tucker is ok and just wants to go get another one, because she is worried mr ralph is lonely. so i guess we will be making a trip to petco sometime in the next week.

ok some things i have found this week....
1. dh found it .... ohhhh my!
2. got to crop some more, and get some project's done. tipton album almost done. after that is done i will be working on dh eric and i trip to NY (will be getting some great ideas from HS she just went there too) and start tucker's cheer album for last year.
3. if it stays this warm i'm ready to have another yard sale. *wink

have you thought about your NY resolutions??? i think i'm gonna a make a list this year and carry it around and see how much i actually get done. and i get one thing done, i will add another to the bottom of the list!

well i must get back to work...
huggs OO kisses XX and love

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

our first bull family funeral will happen today in our backyard about 5:30. tucker lost her first pet on monday night (she was already in bed when dh eric noticed) that "hermi" had died. so last night before bed we had to tell her. we were just going to get another one and replace him, but i thought she should understand that things don't live forever. well she took it harder than i thought she would. so after she cried and eric and i explained how "hermi" was in heaven and that Jesus was taking care of him now. i think she was ok, went right to sleep. so we will be having services for hermi bull in the backyard tonight.
ok so i'm morbid i took a picture of "hermi" in his bag and thought i would take pictures of the funeral and grave site for a scrapbook page - morbid and yet a little wierd i know, but i thought she would like to remember the loss of her first pet.
huggs OO kisses XX and love

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

here we are tuesday december the 13th only 12 days till Christmas! i would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas - not happy holidays! that's to all those people who are buzzing around saying Merry Christamas offends them - well if you want to read my blog - get over it - Merry Christmas! i think i'm getting closer to being done. i just LOVE giving gifts, i think i'm to the age where i like to give more than i like to recieve. there is just something about someones face light up with a gift. today my buddy julie jones is coming by my office so i can give her, her gift. i just read cheryl manz blog - her newest entry is MY CRAZY LIFE (cheryl this week i'm with you) yesterday i worked, had a photo shoot, went home and went on the war path - the cleaning war path. I got the living room, dining room, hall way, bathroom, and 1/2 the kitchen, all the laundry (last load in dryer) and the ironing done! eric stayed out of my way! lol *wink when i get in the cleaning mood just get out of my way! today i'm working going to get my hair cut, then to walmart and the mall to get a few more gifts, then home to finish cleaning. eric is kind enough to take tucker to cheer! tomorrow work and mail christmas cards, clean. thursday work, then cheer, home to pack for this weekend, friday work, then to pittsburg kansas (my home town) to go to my popo's surprise 80th birthday party. tucker is singing at church for him, and my aunt melinda is coming from michigan, and popo has NO idea, *love surprises! so you see my busy week, don't feel sorry for me, but know you see why i'm so CRAZY! (*wink cheryl) well need to get back to work. will write more later. huggs OO kisses XX and love.
Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho Ho

Friday, December 09, 2005

something funny....
most who know my dh he is often very sweet, and is a wonderful husband *wink most of the time. well last night was the exception! first alittle background - i have been working very hard to keep the laundry up and the house clean since we will be out of town again this week-end. (i hate coming home to alot of house work) so last night i was doing a load of laundry, put it up. well THREE days ago eric changed out a load of clothes and just left it in the bedroom unfolded, then to the hallway unfolded, then last night to the living room unfolded. note he moved it right when i had finished folding the other load. i thought this was his suttle hint for me to fold them too. so i did call him an a**! he said i'm gonna fold'em well he did, but as his was folding them i was picking on him telling him where each piece of clothing was to be placed while he was folding it. he did warn me WOMAN shhussh i know, you better stop or else, well you know me, i kept on! *wink well needless to say there was a bowl of ice cream on the floor that he had not finished eating. i looked away at the tv next thing i know i was wearing the ice cream - smeared all over my left eye into my contact and all over my forehead! WHAT dh eric was laughing so hard i thought he was going to stop breathing! that's ok i'll get even! *wink still love you honey!
doing the happy friday dance.... shake - shake! well the work week is over, and get to have some great friend and family time.
today i'm going to the hospital to have some tests done (don't be alarmed) and the a few of the girls are coming over to crop! YEA HAW! then tommorow we are going to be crazy and go to silver dollar city, and meet my mom, brother jerod his wife denae, sister mary and her daughter vanessa. going to be cold but, we have not been in a couple of years and i'm very excited. so we have got every piece of thermal underwear, hoodie sweatshirts, gloves, mittens, and scarfs packed and ready to go. will let one know how much fun we have. maybe it will get into the 40's. *wink huggs OO kisses XX and love

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

holy moly it's wednesday sorry for not posting:( ok back from cheer and we got second. GO JAGS! had a wonderful time with my mom. tucker was so surprised when we got to the hotel and i opened the door and grandma yelled "SURPRISE" tucker loved it! after we got tucker ready at the hotel and to the compitition and tucker went back stage with the team, mom and i just got to talk and enjoyed each others company. i let tucker go to the after dance this year, stratton agreed to keep an eye on her, she said she had a great time (was over a 9pm) i think she learned some dance moves that eric would not approve of - so she got a pre warning from mom that she should not dance like that. *wink even though it was funny *sorry eric. well paige got to ride home with us and i got to earn the song "don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" WOW no more singing of that song either. all and all had a great time, now we won't leave again until january, and we will go back to oklahoma city.
did the gallery gang secret santa last night at the coffee beanery, and i got a great surprise from julie jones ok she WAY out did her self. i think my favorite things was of course my chocolate brown fuzzy MM letters and a very cool notebook that she gave me that i'm going to alter it up alittle, i also got ALOT of chatterbox new paper, candy for the scrappin table, candle, other MM stickers. i loved all of it and can't wait to use some of it (i think tonight) *wink
going to silver dollar city this week-end (pending weather) i think mom is getting hit snow, and we are do to get some tonight. if it don't snow 4 inches tucker will have a fit. they have said 4 inches all week and she don't understand that the weather forcast changes. lol
oh and mr ralph tuckers hermit crab out grew his shell last night (daddy going to get a new one today) can you say YUK dh eric was telling me what he looked like with out his shell on... ok do i look like i want to know... YUK! oh and did i tell you tucker got scared when they were in here room (yes santa brought her two last year - and they are still alive) so they mr ralph and hermi have moved to the kitchen counter. YUK! oh well. well because tucker got hermit crabs from santa last year, she asked santa for a baby weinie dog for this year, i hope she won't be too sad cause i think santa ran out of that kind. *wink no dogs yet!
well better get back to work - will talk tommorow!
huggs OO kisses XX and love

Friday, December 02, 2005

happy - happy friday :) :) well i think i'm ready to go..
1. packed - check
2. cheer backpack - check
3. spankies - check (lol mom)
4. cheer uniform - check
5. camera - check
6. cheer attitude - check
off to tulsa we go, first we have home fellowship so i should make it to tulsa about 10.
i love traveling - nice hotels - clean sheets - lounging - oh and did i mention eric has drill and that there is a TARGET in tulsa yeeeeaaa hawwww! sorry honey! best thing is my mom is coming - i miss her so much (she lives in kansas) so i treasure the time we have together. tucker don't know yet so ssshhhh! i will write more before i leave.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

courtney & karen your not bloggin, where are you girls???
miss ya!
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