Tuesday, December 13, 2005

here we are tuesday december the 13th only 12 days till Christmas! i would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas - not happy holidays! that's to all those people who are buzzing around saying Merry Christamas offends them - well if you want to read my blog - get over it - Merry Christmas! i think i'm getting closer to being done. i just LOVE giving gifts, i think i'm to the age where i like to give more than i like to recieve. there is just something about someones face light up with a gift. today my buddy julie jones is coming by my office so i can give her, her gift. i just read cheryl manz blog - her newest entry is MY CRAZY LIFE (cheryl this week i'm with you) yesterday i worked, had a photo shoot, went home and went on the war path - the cleaning war path. I got the living room, dining room, hall way, bathroom, and 1/2 the kitchen, all the laundry (last load in dryer) and the ironing done! eric stayed out of my way! lol *wink when i get in the cleaning mood just get out of my way! today i'm working going to get my hair cut, then to walmart and the mall to get a few more gifts, then home to finish cleaning. eric is kind enough to take tucker to cheer! tomorrow work and mail christmas cards, clean. thursday work, then cheer, home to pack for this weekend, friday work, then to pittsburg kansas (my home town) to go to my popo's surprise 80th birthday party. tucker is singing at church for him, and my aunt melinda is coming from michigan, and popo has NO idea, *love surprises! so you see my busy week, don't feel sorry for me, but know you see why i'm so CRAZY! (*wink cheryl) well need to get back to work. will write more later. huggs OO kisses XX and love.
Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho Ho

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Julie said...

i totally loved my gift. I can't stop staring at it. I'm thinking that soon I will have to stop being friends with you because you just make me feel so UNCREATIVE! I loved it all...thank you so much.

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