Friday, December 09, 2005

something funny....
most who know my dh he is often very sweet, and is a wonderful husband *wink most of the time. well last night was the exception! first alittle background - i have been working very hard to keep the laundry up and the house clean since we will be out of town again this week-end. (i hate coming home to alot of house work) so last night i was doing a load of laundry, put it up. well THREE days ago eric changed out a load of clothes and just left it in the bedroom unfolded, then to the hallway unfolded, then last night to the living room unfolded. note he moved it right when i had finished folding the other load. i thought this was his suttle hint for me to fold them too. so i did call him an a**! he said i'm gonna fold'em well he did, but as his was folding them i was picking on him telling him where each piece of clothing was to be placed while he was folding it. he did warn me WOMAN shhussh i know, you better stop or else, well you know me, i kept on! *wink well needless to say there was a bowl of ice cream on the floor that he had not finished eating. i looked away at the tv next thing i know i was wearing the ice cream - smeared all over my left eye into my contact and all over my forehead! WHAT dh eric was laughing so hard i thought he was going to stop breathing! that's ok i'll get even! *wink still love you honey!


stephfreeman said...

ok - tell him I now have to take back all the nice things I said about him! That was just wrong!

Julie said...

Does Eric want the smack down from your friends???

Ha, ha! I am laughing at thinking about the look on your face when he did that to you. =)

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