Friday, July 28, 2006

hi ya'll
a little post before i go camping for the week-end! you wanna see the cutest thing? YES click on teams on the lefthand side,
go down till you see youth click on it, and then click on TUCKER B and you shall see the CUTEST little ACU JAG cheerleader EVER!

Tucker we Love You and are very proud of you!
mommy & daddy and family

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

good morning.....

latest news in the "bull family"
tucker is now 7 and after a week long celebration....
* sunday the 16th she ate chicken annies chicken with nannie & popo and grandma connie and then she wanted no strawberry shortcake she wanted a popsicle... what?
* thursday the 20th (her actual birthday) she got to take a pinyata (how do you spell that word??) to ms angelas... cookie cake to cheer and dinner ate el loretos with eric family.
* saturday her party with all the girls started at the day spa where everyone got manicures and then lunch at chilis. (thank meli for all your help)
was a great birthday.... if i owe you money sorry i'm broke!

this week-end the bull family will be heading to el dorado kansas to watch my little brother race jet ski's. him and his whole team "reloaded racing" will be there. camping out (in a tent) by the lake and good food.... gonna love it!

ok only one more week-emd till the taping so excited and nervous at the same time. all of the girls have some ohhhhh coooool stuff that we will be doing! can't wait for you to see it!

i'm in love i WANT one of everything!

elsie flannigan if you are reading this.... I LOVE YOU and your new book.... GIRL YOU ROCK! mine is missing an autograph.... *wink *wink

i will finish my MMM tonight.... dh eric will be picking up the last picture today! off to the ding dong's at kinko's to get them color copied. if one more person there says they can't do it.... i will hurt someone. pick me up at jail *wink *wink

only two more weeks till ck in tulsa YEA FLIPPIN HAW a whole week-end with the girls. LOVE IT! did i mention i'm not packed no pictures ready.... note to self get your butt in gear. tucker will be staying with her aunt kara in fayetteville she is now so excited and thinks she is going this friday... next friday sis!

***NEWS FLASH mom stop redaing here!
i found my next tattoo and found a former Marine to do it.... so excited hope to have it done next week!

ok i didn't get my invitation in CHA in chicago (WHAT?) but i will say that i'm so looking forward to getting the new queen & co, heidi swapp, 7 gypsies, and some making memories stuff. i think my favorite is the new old timi looking stamps by 7 gypsies they look YUMMY! i'm sure you can jump on and find lots of pictures and reviews.

got some new advertising coming out for that dh eric done.... they so ROCK!

gotta get back to work
huggs OO kissi kissi kissi and lots of love
le anne

Thursday, July 20, 2006

this is what 7 years of beauty making looks like! i love her... she loves her daddy! happy birthday princess tucker. we love you!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

hi ya'll

here i am late in the day - but i did check in!
here is the news of the day in my world....

we have a new little member in our family (no i'm not pregnant - can't be) today the guys out in the shop found this ohhh so cute litlle girl kitten, all black and needs a home.... so a trip over to the vet next door for declawing, bath, and shots. her name is now gracie lynn bull. i only hope snowball (our adult male all white cat) will like the idea as much as i do of have another little one around the house. gracie will have to stay at the vet for a couple of days then she will get to come home.

well since another dt member let this out i will share with my crowd. i'm gonna be on a dvd (not that kind knuckle head) will be filming soon a instructional video that will have some neat trick, little projects, and big project, organizing ideas too. so excited - will give you more details as i can but we are filming soon.
other things in my scrapbooking world gonna have some new layouts up tonight or tomm @ super cute stuff (ok i like it)
for those who have always wanted my handwriting - details to come soon.
and i hopefully will be teaching soon in a place far far away. working on some stuff to forward to owner. excited - will give you more details and dates if anything happens.
i have been so inspired here lately with my world and have got some (for me cute) ideas i have doodled down. i hope i can find someone else who likes them too.
ohh and my funny story of the day (tooting my own horn - sorry) sent eric to get something to add to tucker birthday gift box at hobby lobby and here's how it went down....
eric: can you help me find a herma tab dispenser?
hl lady: yes this way - is this for your wife?
eric: no it's for my daughter who's birthday is on thursday. my wife scrapbooks she is like on a dt and has been published and now she has my daughter scrapbooking too.
hl lady: really who is your wife?
eric: le anne bull
hl lady: ohhh my le anne is your wife? ohhh i just love her - she does some cute stuff, just love her, her your husband/
eric: yes (in the back of his mind "show me what i want lady so i can leave")
hl lady: here is what she needs.
eric: thank-you

eric then calls me - i know my head did get alittle bigger! sorry

well almost time to go to cheer, but here are my shout outs for the day...
today is my nannie's birthday "happy birthday nannie" I Love You
today is also my nannie & popo's wedding anniversary - love and take care of each other.
today is also my "peep" melanie (aka felony melanie) birthday "happy birthday girl" Love You (when i called earlier she was dancing around in the house in her underwear - OHHHHH MYYYY) JJ
today is also my friend athena's dad's birthday jim putman (aka one of my sunday school teachers) Love Him "happy birthday jim"

can't think of anything else tommorow is my sweet little angel tucker's birthday! she will be the big bad 7. look for pics in the morning and i will let you know what will happen tommorow.
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

good morning blogland....
i come today with my long distance dedications.... (sorry flashback to casey and the 80's)

the first person on my list would be my mom.... connie lynn
well where to start without writing a book. My mom is the most supportive, caring, loving, giving, and unselfish person that i know. she is the mother of 4 children and of course the Lord blessed her with me first *wink *wink. she has always put us kids first, above herself in everything. she makes me laugh, and she makes me cry.... but most of all even at 36 years old she keeps me lined out. she encourages me when i have done wrong, she praises me and yells out loud for me when i make her proud. she is the best mom in the world! I Love You Mom....

next would be my nannie & popo.... aka Mildred & Roland Blackmon
well without trying to cry.... my grandparents are a perfect example of what a happy, loving, christian husband and wife are. they have always in my mind been so cute and funny. they love each other and now that they are getting older they take care of each other.... even when they are tired. nannie is always kissin popo so sweetly and popo pinches her on the honey buns. love is good and seeing it happen before your eyes make you wanna love that much too. I Love You both.

my dear husband will come next.... eric charles bull
what can i say, it's never a dull moment in our life. from me thinking i can 100 things done in a day, to all the running and planning i do, we are always on the go. (sorry athena - *wink) eric loves me unconditional and sometimes he has to reminds me that i should do the same in return. deep inside he is a closet romantic, and i love that about him. he supports every dream i have. i think he would go to the ends of the earth to make his little girl (tucker NOT me) happy. when i'm mad at him i remember the look on tucker's face when her daddy walks into the room and know that i have got the best husband for me and the best father for both of my children. he provides, loves, and just wants dakota and tucker to be happy, and to have some life opportunities that he didn't have. Love You eric

then we get to the girlfriends.... there are so many i think i will make that a seperate entry.

tell someone today how much you love them
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne

Monday, July 17, 2006

hi ya'll
welcome to my day and my life as i share it with you....

had a wonderful week-end went to see my grandparents (aka nannie & popo) and my mom connie. made the 3 hour trip on friday (yes eric and i 6th wedding anniversary) ps eric got me my pink razor cell phone ( i sooo *heart it.... just can't figure the silly thing out) spent friday night cropping after everyone went to bed and cropped till my mom got there about 3:30 in the morning. saturday it was more cropping, i promised nannie i would get her album done to where all she has to to is add pics of tucker cheering. she loved it. eric did some honey do's for nannie & popo, it's so nice to bless someone with little things that make their lives alittle easier. sunday i got to go eat at my favorite place chicken annies LOVE it (even brought some home) got home last night and welcomed myself back to reality and all the things i need and would like to get done this week. (note to self make a list)

as i was reading through blogs this morning and catching up to what everyone posted over the week-end. i came accross something that melody ross (check her out on my list of favorites on the right) had written on hers, speaking about her ex assistant kat. if you have never met her.... WOW you are missing out. i had the honor and pleasure to meet her two years ago at gasc in arlington texas. she meet some of my friends that took her class, and came back later that night to find them at the crop. she found us and one thing lead to another and we all sat down and talked for hours. she told us all about how the Lord blessed her with and how it all seemed to happen over night. in everything that we talked about, i came to the conculsion she is REAL! i'm serious.... she is a working, praying, believing, mom and wife.... she is REAL! she is so inspiring to believe in your self and to follow your dreams (no matter how BIG) you may think they are! everytime i read her blog i truely don't know if i should cry and strive harder to believe in myself and dive in to life. i think just as melody thinks that kat blesses her and keeps her focused and striving to do her best.... kat is a friend. that is what i sooo love about scrapbooking i think you meet some of the most REALEST people in the world. melody this is just a little note to let you know.... your awesome and REAL! thank-you for evrything you do daily to lift us up that read your blog and dare us to reach for the stars. with that this week i will doing what melody done, i will pick a few people in my life that just complete me.... friends, family, girlfriends, and some people who don't even know i'm on plant earth who inspire me. look for a post later today.... i must work alittle.
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne

Sunday, July 16, 2006

"the bull's"
married 6 years now
yes we are this cute!
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne

Friday, July 14, 2006

we interrupt this blog to beg the shipping department at ck to ship my ali and elsie book pleasssssseeeee! you have my cc # bill it and ship it! i can't wait much longer!
*wink *wink
le anne

Thursday, July 13, 2006

to be moved by love, patience, by God....

please click on tara whitney to the right in my list of favorites. go to her entry dated july 12th, click on the hoyts.
i love being moved by the love a parent....

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

good mornin all....
i'm here and the pity party is over!
have so much to catch up on.... i've been a bad blogger! so grab a cup of java (today it is cafe carmel for the coffee beanery) i went fully loaded been up since 4:40 and i'm tired.... so i went with all i could get! *wink

i hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of july! we stayed at home and cooked out and after 3 hours of tucker asking if it was dark enough to shoot off her fireworks, thank heaven it was finally dark enough! it was nice to have 4 days off in a row. house got picked up, laundry and ironing got done, and yes april derrick don't have a heart attack on me i got two of my dt layouts done! (i'm the worst and always wait to the last minute)i have to put touches on the last one tonight and get them scanned and emailed to april check out my gallery at i hope you like them!

we did have one little ok BIG mishap over the holiday week-end, (weak stomachs do not read) took tucker with me to get stuff at paul's meat market, she opens the door there everytime we go. well this time she was a little excited i told her we would get an snow cone on the way home if she would let me run to one more store. so when she pulled back on the door it came back and hit her big toe.... yes she has NO toenail now. i look down and there is blood EVERYWHERE! i feel a little weak in the stomach. i drop everything purse, cell phone, and pick her up. one of the butchers brings out a wet towel and ice, a gentleman customer picks up my purse and belonging and carries them out to my truck and opens the door for me. i of course call eric in a panic do i take her to the hospital or not.... daddy to the rescue. eric comes home and her toe does need some tending to. when eric is looking for something sharp around the house, (her toe nail is hanging on with about 1/4" of skin) what is the sharpest thing in the house, he asks.... cutterpede scrapbooking scissors! a quick dunk in alchol and they are good to go! she was sooooo brave. and when it was all said and done she was quick to remind me of her snow cone. so with ACU Jag flip flops and a red little face (from screaming at eric and crying) we were off to get a LARGE rootbeer snowcone.

done with the yard sales for the year. feel pretty good with how much i got cleared out of the house, and done alot of oragnizing. i will (with the help of melanie)be doing the growing kids sale. speaking of the house with athena's help i have picked the colors of our bedroom and started puchasing things to get it done.YEA! the colors are soooo pretty i can't stand it! very warm and cozy feeling to them.

i will be heading to kansas this weekend to see my mom and grandparents. can't wait to see them.... maybe i'll get chicken annies while i'm there! going to meet laura at while i'm there too.

gals you have got to get the book "for women only" by shaunti feldhahn love it! saw it on donna downey's blog and is very good reading! will help you understand the man in your life a little better. SURPISE they don't tell you everything and there are some things they are embarrased to tell you! SHOCK i know.

got alot of cool stuff coming up in my future with scrapbooking.... only a few people know and i think it's a surprise! so can't wait to tell you about it. getting ready to go to tulsa for ck next month. and then to scrapbook expo in austin texas in october. love them girl trips out of town, nice hotel and eating out every meal what is not to love about that.... ok if i was famous nad someone else was paying for me to go, that would be GREAT! maybe someday! i was so oragnized for GASC and focused to not spend any money shopping i got ALOT done 9 layouts and 2 mini albums (gifts) and a 12 X 12 album cover decorated (gift for my mom connie) all done! i will start getting ready here in the next couple of days to go to tulsa i want to be just as organized. shopping that will be a problem i will be cropping most of the time at scrapbooks galore and more in tulsa LOVE this store. the last time i was there i made the mistake of taking eric in with me (BIG MISTAKE, HUGE I have to go shopping now (sorry pretty woman moment)) how do you spend that much on scrapbooking stuff? he asks i don't how can you spend that much on fishing lures? love you honey

speaking of my honey eric and i will be married 6 years this friday. WOW hard to believe. it seems like just yesterday that we meet. DOC MURDOCKS fayetteville arkansas faded wrangles, faded blue shirt to match and dirty ball cap! with "makers mark" and coke in hand.... he was one hot thing ladies! (still is!) *wink! here we are many of good days and some bad days 6 years later and i love him more today, than i did yesterday. still wanna hurt him some days! *wink! but for the most part he is a great husband, provider, wonderful and patience father, and he is so dang HOT! he so should be the "AXE" shower gel and body spray model! but would mean other woman would get to smell him (APRIL.... OH no STEPHANIE is the mistress!) *WINK ha-ha lOVE that stuff!

thanks to everyone who entered my layout contest! ALL 9 of you, the 9 of you in your own way are a blessing in my life. and i love you! thanks for making me feel special.

want a good laugh.... go to and in the search box key in Nikki Payne (she is a comidian from Last Comic Standing) so FUNNY.

i will write more later have to get to work! have a great day.
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne

ps wish my lil brother jerod luck he is traveling to michigan starting today to go jet ski racing! kick some butt!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

i will be back.. i'm pouting about a layout contest i entered! going to get over it! *wink
le anne

Monday, July 10, 2006

good afternoon blogland....
forgive me for doing this early.... i ahve to go home and finish doing picture's for my aunt melinda, my mom connie, my nannie, my aunt donna, peggy's granddaughters, and two sets of cheer pictures. so i will be very busy tonight.

the winner is....

girl congrads! email me your size of pages you want and i will email you back my address to send the pictures.
i will have an extra long post in the morning.... alot to catch up on!
huggs XX kisses OO and love
le anne

Friday, July 07, 2006

i know that i'm no famous scrapbooker.. but i think i'm a very talented scrapbooker. so with that said between now and monday at 5 leave me a comment on my blog and tell me how much "you love me" and that "you are so awe struck with my work" i will put everyone's name in a hat and draw one person, you send me your pictures and what size of page you want done and i will scrap you a two page layout! i'm sure unlike Heidi i won't get 3500 submissions.. but i will take 10-20 for an ego booster! can't beat that i'm helping you get caught up! *wink! have a great week-end!
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

she makes me glad i'm her mom....

she makes me smile... i love you tucker me lynn
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