Friday, March 02, 2007

i'm sorry but do you see that woman over there, bags under eyes, and a really bad hair day, in the getting tight jeans and frumpppppy sweatshirt... she's right over there... oh crap that's me looking in the mirror.
i'm tired, real tired! but here we go with the blog reporting...

1. last week-end tucker's squad won first and class champion! her stunt group got second. i'm so proud of her. my cousin hans and his girlfriend kim came to watch and then took us to dinner at a very cool place in memphis 'big foot burgers' YUMMY!
2. this week-end eric is off to drill and tucker and i are off to oklahoma city... YES to cheer. we have had 3 week-ends in a row and i got to go back to texas next week-end and then off the 17th and the last compitition of the year here in fort smith on the 24th. wow then try outs are april 21 then we start all over again!
3. have been doing ALOT of house cleaning, having a HUGE yard sale at eric's grandma's house on the 16th of march. will be much easier (we don't have a big garage) moving everything to her house and set up and have one big yard sale. when we have one at our house we have to put it all up in the back yard and pray it don't rain, and then i never get it all out of the house. i have been going room by room and eric has been moving as he gets a truck load. we have now filled his truck 3 times and mine 2 times... we have alot of USELESS crap. wish me luck!
4. with the yard sale money we hope to pay off some little bills and get a head start on tucker's school bill for next year.
5. going to order some windows and now that eric's work area will be cleaned out he can get to trimming out our bedroom! hope to get tucker's room, dining room and living room ripped out and done this summer. that lowes credit card will get a work out! again wish me luck!
6. starting back up with the photography starting the 17th all day cheerleaders! and one senior picture setting.
7. scrapbooking... well wednesday night was the first night i have scrapbooked in about a month! have had no time. got tons of stuff to get done... i need a whole day with everything in front of me and get it done. i have the memory villa crop in 4 weeks and then several conventions after that.
8. be thinking of my friend melanie she is having some surgery next week, and needs our prayers.
9. well i guess i should get back to work.
le anne
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