Thursday, March 30, 2006

been tagged by heather... *heart you honey - miss you alot!

smoked cigarettes - yes
drank so much you threw up - yes
crashed a friends car - no
stolen a car - no
been in love - yes
been dumped - yes
shoplifted - yes
been laid off/ fired - yes
quit your job - yes
been in a fist fight - yes
snuck out of your parents house - no
had feelings for someone who didn't have them back - yes
been arrested - no
gone on blind date - no
lied to a friend - yes
skipped school - yes
seen someone die - no
been to canada - no
been to mexico - yes
been on plane - yes
been lost - yes
been on opposite side of county - yes
been to washington dc - yes
swam in the ocean - yes
felt like dying - yes
cried yourself to sleep - yes
played cops and robbers - yes
recently colored with crayons - yes
sang karaoke - yes
paid for a meal with only coins - yes
done something you tols yourself you wouldn't - yes
made prank phone calls - yes
laughed until some kind of beverage came form your nose - yes more than once!
caught a snowflake on your tongue - yes
danced in the rain - no
written a letter to santa claus - yes
been kissed under mistletoe - no
watched to sun rise with someone you care about - yes
blown bubbles - yes
made a bonfire on the beach - yes
crashed a party - no
gone roller skating - yes
gone ice skating - yes
ever bought gas with one coin - no
been to africa - no
ever steal traffic signs - no
ever been in car accident - yes

1. children? yes 2 dakota - 16 and tucker - 6
2. pets? cat - snowball
3. nicknames? lee - lela
4. mothers name? connie lynn
5. favorite drink? dr pepper - MARGARITAS - a good cold beer
6. tattoos? yes one on left ankle - need one more
7. body piercings? have a nice scar from my belly button being pierced and having to take it out because i was pregnant
8. how much do you love your job? i would like to take the 5th
9. favorite vacation spot? mexico - NEW YORK CITY!
10. 2 door or 4 door? while i have children 4 door after children 2 door
11. salad dressing? ranch and blue cheese
12. favorite pie? mom's pumpkin pie with cool whip - mom's HOT apple pie with vanilla ice cream - eric's granny makes me this chocolate frig pie. all 3 OHHH MYYY!
13. favorite #? don't have one
14. favorite movie? pretty woman - sweet home alabama - steel magnolias - too many to mention!
15. favorite holiday? dakota and tucker's birthdays
16. favorite food? mexican (el lorita) - chinese (peking palace) - eric bar- b -q
17. favorite day of the week? saturday if i get to sleep in
18. favorite brand of soap? weird i know but staying at treasure island in las vegas the give you this soap called WET can't find it anywhere so when i go to vegas i STEAL all i can get my hands on!
19. favorite tv show? csi vegas - law order - with out a trace - big brother
20. favorite toothpaste?
21. favorite smell? vanilla - honeydew melon - eric fresh out of the shower AXE red and blue bottle with spray - eric with COOLWATER on! WHHHEEEW it's HOT in here!
22. what do you do to relax? scrapbook or refer back to drinks in ?#5
23. message to your friends reading this? *heart you all
24. how do you see yourself in 10 years? 45 OM GOODNESS i hope retired and in my scraproom or out doing a phot shoot - but will take the beach with drink in hand.
25. what do you do when you are bored? BORED your kidding right
26. what do you enjoy recieving? hand made gifts from my children and friends - surprise boxes filled with scrapbooking supplies
27. what time is it now? 10.23am thursday march 30- 2006

TAG to julie - melanie - stephanie - karen - and anyone else who reads this
huggs OO kisses XX and love le anne

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

put your fingers in the shape of an L that L would be for LOSER! it's offical, i'm a NO BODY! 3 yes i said 3 people answered my ? survey so there for all of you are winners, because i must keep the 3 friends that i have! *wink
i quess for the 3 people who read this here are the answers to the ?'s
#1 Heidi Swapp
#2 Rock Chalk Jayhawk - GO KU!
#3 To be published and make Heidi Swapp's DT
#4 New York and Washington DC
#5 Stay at home with Tucker - Run a sucessful photography and scrapbooking buisness
#6 Chevy Yukon
#7 My Mom - Connie
#8 ACU Jags!
#9 Ice Cold Reese Peanut Butter Cups
#10 Oprah Winfrey

Ther you have it! Julie - Melanie and Cheer Dad Keith look for your RAK's coming to you!
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne

Thursday, March 16, 2006

ok it took an extra day sorry....
i'm doing this for fun to see how many people really read this blog! how it's gonna work, i will ask 10 questions about myself you comment back your answers, the person with the most correct answers will win a RAK from me. If there is a tie i will throw all those is a hat and draw a name. If you are someone who happens accross my blog, most of the answers to the questions will be in my blog.
#1 what is my favorite scrapbooking manufacture?
#2 what is the chant of my favorite college team?
#3 what is my biggest scrapbooking dream?
#4 where did dh eric take me for our 5th wedding anniversary last year?
#5 what is my biggest personal dream?
#6 what is my dream car?
#7 who is my bestest friend?
#8 what is the name of tucker's cheer squad?
#9 my favorite chocolate snack?
#10 what female celebrity do i want to meet the most?

there you have it! i do hope there are more than 5 who read my blog! *wink

pss keith hocott if you not taking up scrapbooking then you don't wanna play! ha-ha-ha-ha!

have fun and will check back on monday and by tuesday we'll have a winner!
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

well tuesday afternoon here.. and having a fairly normal week.. *wink as normal as can be when it comes to me!
getting ready for this week-end 1st annual crop! don't worry there is still time to sign up, go check out the site and get ready for some great classes, make-n-takes, great food, and FUN FUN FUN! Plus what a view.
still keeping up with the house, really need to get into tucker's room and do a deep cleaning. next is the attic! shooting for a yard sale in april, gotta raise that money for all the scrapbooking conventions coming up! *wink (love you honey!) have really gone through all the scrapbooking supplies and cleaned out all the old and making room for the new! *wink (sorry again honey) this makes jon and cindy happy at when i get a private email letting me know "NEW HEIDI SWAPP" just in. i pull a melanie and fall to floor from passing out only to wake up looking for eric's credit card! *wink i must save my money for hotels and food!
going tonight or tommorow and getting new shoes! (yes julie i'm gonna copy cat) i have it between a pair of merryls or tsumo's *wink i want them both, but think for now i will just get one.
please be praying for my friend cheryl manz have some real struggles with pain, but keeping a positive attitude. check out her blog > on right.
i want to do a contest on my blog seems like alot of gals are doing these, so i want to be next! with a nice RAK remember i just cleaned! plus i want to see how many gals read my blog! ok so you 5 gals get ready. will post tonight or first thing in the morning.
tonight we have tumbling and cheer, will have to leave early tucker has school program tonight.
well till later....
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne

Monday, March 13, 2006

i'm gonna be a copy cat... i saw this on becky thompson's blog... thought it was cool!
1. 3 things you wish for? be a better chritian than i was yesterday
2. to be a good mom
3. a yukon *wink

2. 3 things you would do to or for yourself if there was no one to judge you (or if you had the guts to do it)?
1. lift - suck - tuck (aka plastic surgery)
2. cut my hair diffrently (are you happy eric *wink)
3. take on the task of getting my handwriting on something to market it and sell it!

3. 3 bad habits you have?
1. take on to much
2. very hard on myself
3. afraid to step out in faith and do the things i really wanna do in life

4. 3 insecurities your feel?
1. my weight
2. not taking time to make myself look better
3. aging

5. 3 talents/ skill you wish you had?
1. to be able to sing
2. ?
3. ?

6. 3 things you would do if you had more time?
1. clean my house RIGHT! sell the junk!
2. work on marketing my photography buisness
3. scrapbook more

7. 3 things that bring you peace/ relaxation?
1. a clean house
2. scrapbooking
3. a GREAT Margarita! *wink

8. 3 things that spark your creativity?
1. other scrapbookers (Heidi - Elsie) (
2. Tara Whitney (she is awesome)
3. magazines

i'm tagging
good mornin!!!

guess what i got in the mail saturday......
a copy of the magazine that my first published layout is in! i was so like a kid at christmas, ripping that fed-ex box open when i saw the return address, i knew what it was! looks really nice and was totally excited to show it off everyone i saw saturday and sunday!

big news only 294 days and i'll tell you what it is!

huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Leaving A Legacy.....

have you ever wondered what you mean to everyone around you, or what they mean to you? over the last 4 days i think i understand..... you see my husbands father David Charles Bull passed from this life on sunday march the 4th, 2006
what David meant to me was.....
* the man who gave my husbad life
* a man who was a soldier, serving in vietnam and earning a purple heart, a hero
* a son
* a brother
* a grandfather
* a friend
* someone who died alone
* and someone that i didn't tell him how much i loved him, for that i'm sorry. a man who lived less than 10 blocks from my house, but yet never came to visit, nor did i go visit him, for that i'm sorry. i sent him notes and pictures of tucker with never a note back. do you think not sharing with someone everyday how much you love them, do you think they know? i'm struggling with David's death and hope he does know how much he was loved. a man who came back from a war full of politics and was never thanked, and never told he was a hero. when it came to yesterday he was a hero, who was given a hero's burial. a brand new American Flag covered his casket, many of his favorite yellow mums and tulips surround him. fellows soldiers salute him and he passes by, with Amazing Grave playing by a Army bugler, the folding and presenting of the flag to his mother, while Taps is playing in the background. a hero remembered.

* today tell someone how much you love them and admire them, take 30 minutes to visit someone you have not visited in awhile. tell a veteran thank-you.

David - I Love You and will treasure your memories forever.
le anne

Thursday, March 02, 2006

hi ya all bloggers an non bloggers who are stalking me..... *wink

well here it is thursday and getting ready for another CHEER week-end! to night we are doing half time at the UA Fort Smith basketball game. then we are off to oklahoma city on friday - sunday. eric has drill this week-end and will miss this compitition. so i'm heading down with amy and her daughter brianna. i'm gonna go by a local scrapbook store 7 minutes later and so can't wait the store looks VERY COOL!
ok on with evrything else in life....
well the crop went well last saturday - had about 38 women (less then what i planned) but still ALOT of fun! the whole gang was there, plus made some new friends. april from drove up and was a blast to hang out with all week-end! i think we should look for her a job up here! *wink and hint! april got here friday night and her and melanie came over to my house and chatted till 12:30 in the morning and then it was off to the crop early in the morning. great food THANKS stacey brooks. and great fellowship and tons of new memories and some great photos! "i swear mom all i did was kiss him" sorry! you had to be at starbucks for the after party to get this but still funny. and rhonda shaws great showing of SNL in the chair OH MY! and a big shout out to jon and cindy at for all the AWESOME door prizes. *heart you both! thanks to all who came to the crop i know it was no GASC but i will make the next one better! already starting to work on it! *wink
speaking of go to there web site and check out the crop they will be doing this month 17th -19th if you have ever wanted to feel like a star at a crop - well here it is! loads of prizes and special gifts. seriously check it out and call and book your spot! TONS of fun. plu i will be there *wink
house new years resolution is going well and really trying to get alot of it deep cleaned before the end of the month - why you ask my MOM is coming YEA! so is my brothers and their wifes and i hope my nannie and popo. they will be here for tucker's cheer compitition and the fort smith convention center on the 25th so excited my brothers have never seen my home, so i hope to have it as pretty as i can! so if you dont have plans that week-end come watch tucker and those kick some butt!
still working out three days a week. going ok, rose my personal trainer wont let me weight yet so now progress to report. i know i do feel better, and while i may not look like some hot super model from the neck down, im getting healthy!
well i guess i better get some work done *wink will try to write more later today!
huggs OO kisses XX and love
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