Thursday, March 30, 2006

been tagged by heather... *heart you honey - miss you alot!

smoked cigarettes - yes
drank so much you threw up - yes
crashed a friends car - no
stolen a car - no
been in love - yes
been dumped - yes
shoplifted - yes
been laid off/ fired - yes
quit your job - yes
been in a fist fight - yes
snuck out of your parents house - no
had feelings for someone who didn't have them back - yes
been arrested - no
gone on blind date - no
lied to a friend - yes
skipped school - yes
seen someone die - no
been to canada - no
been to mexico - yes
been on plane - yes
been lost - yes
been on opposite side of county - yes
been to washington dc - yes
swam in the ocean - yes
felt like dying - yes
cried yourself to sleep - yes
played cops and robbers - yes
recently colored with crayons - yes
sang karaoke - yes
paid for a meal with only coins - yes
done something you tols yourself you wouldn't - yes
made prank phone calls - yes
laughed until some kind of beverage came form your nose - yes more than once!
caught a snowflake on your tongue - yes
danced in the rain - no
written a letter to santa claus - yes
been kissed under mistletoe - no
watched to sun rise with someone you care about - yes
blown bubbles - yes
made a bonfire on the beach - yes
crashed a party - no
gone roller skating - yes
gone ice skating - yes
ever bought gas with one coin - no
been to africa - no
ever steal traffic signs - no
ever been in car accident - yes

1. children? yes 2 dakota - 16 and tucker - 6
2. pets? cat - snowball
3. nicknames? lee - lela
4. mothers name? connie lynn
5. favorite drink? dr pepper - MARGARITAS - a good cold beer
6. tattoos? yes one on left ankle - need one more
7. body piercings? have a nice scar from my belly button being pierced and having to take it out because i was pregnant
8. how much do you love your job? i would like to take the 5th
9. favorite vacation spot? mexico - NEW YORK CITY!
10. 2 door or 4 door? while i have children 4 door after children 2 door
11. salad dressing? ranch and blue cheese
12. favorite pie? mom's pumpkin pie with cool whip - mom's HOT apple pie with vanilla ice cream - eric's granny makes me this chocolate frig pie. all 3 OHHH MYYY!
13. favorite #? don't have one
14. favorite movie? pretty woman - sweet home alabama - steel magnolias - too many to mention!
15. favorite holiday? dakota and tucker's birthdays
16. favorite food? mexican (el lorita) - chinese (peking palace) - eric bar- b -q
17. favorite day of the week? saturday if i get to sleep in
18. favorite brand of soap? weird i know but staying at treasure island in las vegas the give you this soap called WET can't find it anywhere so when i go to vegas i STEAL all i can get my hands on!
19. favorite tv show? csi vegas - law order - with out a trace - big brother
20. favorite toothpaste?
21. favorite smell? vanilla - honeydew melon - eric fresh out of the shower AXE red and blue bottle with spray - eric with COOLWATER on! WHHHEEEW it's HOT in here!
22. what do you do to relax? scrapbook or refer back to drinks in ?#5
23. message to your friends reading this? *heart you all
24. how do you see yourself in 10 years? 45 OM GOODNESS i hope retired and in my scraproom or out doing a phot shoot - but will take the beach with drink in hand.
25. what do you do when you are bored? BORED your kidding right
26. what do you enjoy recieving? hand made gifts from my children and friends - surprise boxes filled with scrapbooking supplies
27. what time is it now? 10.23am thursday march 30- 2006

TAG to julie - melanie - stephanie - karen - and anyone else who reads this
huggs OO kisses XX and love le anne

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Julie said...

okay...this is a huge list! I'll try to get to it today...hey, i miss you!!!

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