Tuesday, October 31, 2006

well good morning...
blog-versary winners are
courtney & julie win a RAK!
and the grand prize winner is MONICA!
yea - monica get me some pictures girl!
courtney & julie i will get RAK out to you soon!

well i know i have been a bad blogger so i will do my best to catch you up on me!
grab a java or you favorite drink.....

eric and i are doing fine - have had some big struggles happen to us over the last couple of weeks, BUT with prayer and faith I know God has a plan for us! house cleaning out is going well... still have tons of scrapbooking supplies for sale and lots of kids clothes, southern living at home items, and you common house nick nacks, i can't have another yard sale TAPPED out only two a year here in fort snore arakansas. so call the house and come by... i mean BUY!

went with my dear friend april to austin texas last week for scrapbook expo and had a great time, with a few struggles we put a smile on our face and made it through the tough times. i have never been to austin before and i will say i want to go back! 6th street ROCKS... i saw way more than this ol country girl has seen in a while. for example "leslie" a man who from what i gather has alot of money but lives on the streets to reach the community has ran for mayor of austin twice and cam ein second both times... well i saw him at his prime mini skirt, fur covered boots, hot mama top and jacket... and a thong yes you heard me right... cute butt there leslie! I have found the BEST food "Iron Cactus" place ROCKS! i got to meet aprils super cool cousin and she took us to all the awesome places... "Hula Hut" another great place to eat, atmosphere is awesome, whole foods grocery stores they make me happy! and well i found my new drink red appple martinis from pf changs! they make me very happy! all in all had a great time... very long drive!

getting ready for the Marine Corps ball this week-end! got my dress (eric let me buy a new one this year) black, new shoes, and new bra (was required but dress style - halter) i think its very... well HOT! don't know how i'm gonna wear my hair yet! i'm going scrapbooking at scrapbooks galore and more all day friday and friday night! yea! i will post pictures of us later!

halloween is to night after cheer practice - tucker is daphene form scooby doo! the wig set's the whole thing off! looovvvve it! will get you a picture soon!

taking a new outlook on my photography buisness... bigger and better!

well life has thrown me many of curve balls here lately and really had to take some time to reflect. i'm about to whine so if you are not a big fan of whinning please skip to next subject... i realize in life we put ourselves in situations by poor decisions and bad choices... i don't want to be there any more. happiness is a choice and i choose to be happy, i don't want negative things around me. i have had some friends that are having this very same trouble. i had some things said to me a few weeks ago, directed at my daughter, that i will not take from anyone...sometimes cutting ties is the best answer! life has taught me little things, ENJOY them! say what you feel, and don't hold back you might not be here tommorow to say it! so with that here is what i have to say....
God - i thank you for the many blessings that you give me and my family, i love you and live to be more like a refection of you daily!
eric - i love you and want us to live a long and happy life... growing old together!
tucker - your are my sweet little angel and mommy loves you more that you will ever know.
dakota - no words could express how you have hurt me, and i miss you.
mom - you are my rock and i love you so much, many of times i know i would not be has strong as i needed to be without you. thank-you! i wish we could be closer, so i could spend time with you everyday!
nannie & popo - well you two are a true blessing to my life, and i live everyday want to make you happy and proud of me! everyday i wish i could come over and hangg out on the backyard swing and just be with you both.
my brothers trevor and jerod - i love you both and miss you! your wifes too. (one of you make me an aunt again...HELLO)
mary - i think of you and pray for you often.
vannesa - i'm proud of you with everything in life you have had to over come... someday i hope ALL your dreams come true.

and lastly my friends i have grown old and learned the true meaning of friendship... my mom should have been my best friend my whole life... young ladies... mom does know best! love you mom
Melanie, Julie, Athena, April, Kara, Peggy, Stephanie, Lexie, Larolin, Terry, Karen, Monica, Dana, Courtney, Shawnda, Rhonda.... Thank-You all for showing the friendship's i have been searching for all my life. we laugh, we cry, we pray, and we encourage each other. i truely believe the Lord blessed me with each one of you and could never see my life with out you! Thank-You

will be a better blooger... promise!
kisses XX huggs OO and lots of love

ohhh and hey BOO happy Halloween!
le anne

Friday, October 27, 2006

i sooo missed my blog anniversary - last saturday the 21st of october this blog has been a rocking for one year! so in honor - leave me a comment and i will draw two winners for a RAK from me and a grand prize winner a layout done by me for you and a RAK. leave me a note!
live - laugh - and love!
le anne

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

still here.... crazy in life!
leaving tonight on a jet plane.... with april to scrapbook expo austin texas!
will be back sunday night....
packed, ready to go!
kisses to all
le anne irene
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