Wednesday, November 30, 2005

well hump day it is, thank heaven! well an ok week, have got alot done both work, personal, my buisness, and little things just caught up. tucker and i will be heading to tulsa ok. friday after school to cheer - cheer - cheer for those ACU JAGS! my mom, connie is meeting us. YEA! eric has drill this week-end and won't be able to make it. tucker gets to fly in one of the stunt groups at this one and is really working hard at the gym lately, eric and i are very proud! did i mention that my dishwasher has died! yes eric it has - dh says it just gets stuck. well when it's stuck in the same spot for 2 hours, i think BROKE! we'll see. i got my submission in for a million little things dt, and most of my stuff to april and cindy at memoryvilla. i really need to work harder and the scrapbooking. it seems like lately no time and my mojo needs to come back. i took some good pics of tucker this week-end and need to get them printed off so i can get my scrapncircle dt stuff done. by the wasy i have NOT packed for this week-end yet either, ohhhhh! the whole month of december we will be gone every week-end i now see my house work going down hill too, not that i'm any june cleaver by no means but hey i try! well my good oh buddy keith from cheer was so excited to see i put his name on my blog, keith when i'm mad at you for rubbin something in my face i don't think that's a good thing LOL! well need to get some work done. be back soon! huggs OO kisses XX and love - le anne

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

i'm looking for some new best friend's, i think melanie and stephanie have bashed the jayhawks enough! *wink JJ i can take it!

Monday, November 28, 2005

i'm so FULL! the bull family spent a nice quiet week-end at home, in our pj's, we were lucky if we took a shower *wink lol! cooked early in the morning thursday, ate around 12:30 worked around the house, did do alittle shopping, and spent the week-end with the ones i love! ds dakota and dh eric had wonderful time hunting. eric didn't get anything but dakota had the proud kill of an armadillo (WHAT!) so i asked him where it was at? mom we left it. i was mortified that he would kill something and leave it in the woods. from what i gather it's a guy thing! today had to take a shower and come to work! have got alot caught up and getting ready for the end of the year paperwork. i will take time later to write more about me! huggs OO kisses XX and love

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

i wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. take time to reflect on the things you are thankful for. God has really blessed our family this year and have so many thankful things i would like to share with you, many are personal so please don't laugh, and some are little thing but little things can turn into big things....
1. thankful for dh eric who loves me just as i am and takes care of me both financially, spiritualy, and supports every creative idea i come up with, even thought i may not follow through with.
2. two children dakota and tucker who both have been healthy and given me many memories to treasure for the year.
3. my mom whom i love very much, and is not only my mom but my friend who takes time to listen to me and helps me through the hard times and loves me unconditionaly. love you mom
4. my dad's health - take care of you heart daddy
5. my nannie and popo blessing me with another year of memories. they are the greatest grandparents and great grandparents that anyone could ever ask for. i love you both
6. my brothers trevor and jerod their wifes carmine and danae my sister mary and her daughter vanessa thank-you for a year of memories and love.
7. my home and the Lord giving us the financial means to start the renovation process.
8. ohh and i would not be who i am today with out all my loyal, faithful, praying, supportive, scrapbooking buddies. how one person could be as blessed as me with friends is amazing! to the gang melanie, julie, courtney, stephanie, peggy, shawnda, karen, sandi, athena, stacy, april d, rhonda, kara, and lexie you guys are such a big piece of who i am - i love you all and here's to another year of memories with photos we will never be caught up on! * wink
9. and God blessing my buisness this year, and through out the next year and many more to come.
enjoy your day and eat so much you wanna throw up! ha-ha-ha
huggs OO kisses XX and lots of love
ok so my pocketbook is a little lighter! *tear *tear. yes my kansas jayhawks lost last night. while the dh waited a little bit to call, the ds dakota waited NO time. i see his christmas gifts getting returned. lol (love you dakota) well then i get home to see that my dear friend stephanie has rubbed it in too! her little comments on my post are NOT how our phone conversation went down... i called and told her i thought she was my friend, and that i could not believe that she would talk about my jayhawks like that. yes stephanie i still love you! *wink! the i had to get bashed at cheerleading too KEITH! that's ok i still got mom and nannie at my side, and we will see who make it to the big dance in march!! yes i have already placed the bets with dh and ds! will i ever learn *wink! GO KU

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

ok college basketball is upon us FINALLY! well last night my jayhawks lost to arizona. ok we got a young team, today we take on the arkansas razorbacks as you all know dh eric bleeds razorback red. well we put a little wager on the game (that we won't even get to watch) $100.00 (i don't promote gambeling but hey any way you can get dh money for scrapbooking supplies!) *wink so put something jayhawk blue on and repeat after me ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK - GO KU! wish me luck!

Monday, November 21, 2005

here we are at monday morning... thank heaven it's a short work week! i have so much to catch up on i will post little updates on everything thru out the day! first thing.... sorry about not posting much last week it was BAD! it was a nice combination of wanting to hurt my dh and just on OVERLOAD! but i think i might be under control.. funny ha-ha! second a big shout out to those ACU JAGS as you all know we missed the first compitition in hot springs arkansas ( i will just give updates on tucker's team but please feel free to check out link to see all teams and video's) where they got 1st and this past week-end we were off to ok city, where the girls got 2nd. did i mention she is a flyer GO TUCKER! eric and i are so proud! third ok the yard sale was a little slow in the beginning but as the day went on i had made $200.00 ok for a 1/2 days work! but the good part of it all is , i realized that not everyone want's my priceless stuff! i have held on to things from yard sales 2-3 years ago knowing that someday it would sale in a yard sale.. well girls i went through and if i had anyhthing for more that 1 yard sale i threw it away! YEA it was hard but you know the garage looks so much better and i really felt better, i don't think i was the trash man's favorite house but hey, he'll be ok! so i think on the right track to perge and get things out of house and get everything in order. alot of work last night and really feel good with how much i got done. needless to say 2 SLAH boxes and 12 trash bags later, i had a good yard sale huggs OO kisses XX and love.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

i have been tagged?! oh julie *heart* you honey. here we go...
1. 2 nicknames you go by - lee or lela
2. 2 parts of your heritage (mom's gonna get me cause i don't know) -cherokee indian and american! lol
3. 2 things that scare you - the dark and someone hurting my children
4. 2 everyday essentials - avada "be curly" (hair product) and dr. pepper
5. 2 favorite bands - montgomery gentry and the eagles
5. 2 favorite songs - the fireman george strait and imagine mercy me (i love it when grant nesbit of uttermost sings it)
6. 2 things you want from a relationship - love and honesty
7. 2 physical things that appeal to you in the opposite sex - teeth and butt
8. 2 favorite hobbies - scrapbooking and photography
9. 2 things you want really bad - pink ipod and simplicity in my life
10. 2 places you want to go on vacation - disneyland (for the kids) and really want to go back to NY
11. 2 things you want to do before you die - watch my grandchildren be born and be called Nannie and become a better christian and a better influence to my children and others.
12. 2 ways you are a stereotypical chick - (don't know if this counts i'm a tomboy - sorry) i like to look pretty and smell good and i WISH i was high maintenance! sorry eric
13. 2 things you are thinking right now - how much i still have to get done today and i'm hungry
14. 2 stores you shop at - linens and things and pier 1

3 people to take quiz - lexie - stephanie - karen

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

THE YARD SALE IS ON! holy moly i'm so glad! dh eric has agreed to help me tonight and tommorow get it all set up and ready to go! let's see how much of my priceless mechandise i can move to some one elses home! huggs OO kisses XX and love

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

oh and ps how is it one of the people who got me to blogging HAS NOT blogged since october.....MELANIE!
love ya!
good afternoon fellow bloggers, i hope everyone is having a great week, i on the other hand am having a CRAPPY week! i don't care to go into a bunch of it, online but those who know me if you would say a prayer for my sanity if there is such a word in my vocabulary! please give me a day or two to try to feel like myself and i will be back blogging again soon. huggs OO kisses XX and love le anne

Friday, November 11, 2005

good morning blogging world! well friday it is, i'm sorry i have not posted, but i have been BUSY, not just busy but CRAZY BUSY! i never dreamed a creative idea from my dear friends (melanie started it) about starting my own photography company we keep me so busy. don't get me wrong i LOVE it, and i actually think i getting better. wink! but i'm booked up! i have started looking into getting a studio to share with some friends to share in a joint venture in opening our own buisness. but after looking at some of the property here in town, i think i will wait a little longer. dh eric has looked in to my web page fee for doing that $600.00 WHAT! but hey i guess welcome to buisness. i'm only hoping that i will get the money around to do that, i think it would be good for me. ok on to other things, melanie had yard sale last week, and i think she sold everything she owned, jj - lol! she has got me inspired! so this coming friday i will be having me one. i will use this next week to get ready and hopefully i will get some things out of the house that are not serving a purpose! ok that's everything! wink! if you read my past posts, i really want to simplify everything in the home and my life, i need to have more time to STOP and smell the roses. not come home and say OM heavens when will i have time to get this clean plus enjoy eric and the kids, oh h*** enjoy life! that's what i want. so pray that the pack rat in me leaves this up coming week! heading to fayetteville today for kara and jeff's wedding tommorow. did i mention she wants me to give a speech, one i can't talk in public with out crying or being so nervous i can't read. but i got the speech done, and got mom iretha's approval. so truck is packed, pick up tucker aka flowergirl and off to fayeteville we go. i will let you all know how it goes. huggs OO kisses XX and LOVE. le anne

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

ok as most of you know my wonderful dh eric reads my blog. love you honey! eric told me last week that while he was in line to get a drink at the hosptial, some woman called him a "lil blue eyed devil" for those of you who have never seen my good looking husband knows he has the most beautiful blue eyes. we he is either playing dumb, doesn't wanna hurt my feelings. he doesn't think she was flirting with him! OMG - HELLO honey YES she was! what do ya'll think? i know that i will never use that as a pet name for him, i just tease him with! wink! huggs OO & kisses XX with love to the "lil blue eyed devil"
well i'm BACK.... dh eric and i had a wonderful time at the Marine Corps Ball, it was just an overall relaxing, no stress week-end. We got to tulsa about 12:15 eric dropped me off at a lss scrapbooks galore & more (LOVE this store) and then he went to the unit to work. I got about 7 layouts done and completed, and 6 more drawn out and ready to put together. i got to crop till about 10, eric was so tired, he knew if he went to the hotel he would not wake up to come get me at midnight. we got to the hotel and watched a movie, and well wink! the next morning i got to sleep til 9:30am YEA! got up and went to the gym in the hotel and walked 3 miles, back to room and showered. went to lunch and then to get a massage, thanks SSgt Moore! then it was time to get ready. hair - make-up - pantyhose YUK! but hey somethings need SUPPORT! ha-ha! wink! got down stairs and had a wonderful time at cocktails visting and talking with all the other wifes. dh eric was in the sword detail this year, may i say he was the best one out there, and looked great! dinner was next ask eric about his shoe leather! then we dance and talked. then we loaded up and went to a club called suede in tulsa and closed it down, back to the hotel and slept till 10am. got to go to Joe's Crab Shack for lunch - YUMMY! then to target and the Creamery - YUMMY! then to eric cousin becca and her dh eric house to visit left about 5:15. all and all wonderful week-end, it's always nice when eric and i get a little quiet time. love you honey! huggs OO & kisses XX with love

Thursday, November 03, 2005

well here i am, sorry i missed yesterday. i'm trying to get everything caught up in the office because i will not be here tommorow. let me just start by saying HOLY COW that JERK JIM is still on martha stewart. he SO drives me crazy! short drive as it may be, lol! well i'm picking up my ball dress from the dry cleaners on the way to cheer, everything else i still have to do tonight. plus take tucker to cheer, get my toes and nails done, plus try to get some stuff to Mel's house for the yard sale! WOW i hope i can get everything done. I will get to crop for 14 hours at scrapbooks galore and more, and hoping to get caught up on all my dt items and some contest i want to enter. you may ask she got her scrapbooking stuff done first, well yea! see i'm wearing the same dress that i wore last year, tacky i know but i didn't want to go spend the money to buy a new one, and i'm to fat to get into the other that i have worn of the last 6 years. i'm hoping that everyone was drunk enough last year they don't remember what i wore! wink! the rest is jeans and t-shirts i can do that real fast right. we'll see! i hope everyone has a wonderful week-end. i hope to learn how to put pics on here soon, i will get some up of the ball and such. huggs OO kisses XX love.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

good mornin fellow bloggers, well we had a wonderful time last night, tucker all dressed up as an arkansas razorback cheerleader, decided that she wanted to go door to door trick or treating. (1st time we have done this) normally we go to a church thing. The first couple of house no one home from work yet, she was so excited (we let the house as soon as eric got home 5:15 - 5:20) we then found our line of houses with porch lights on! "that's how you tell if their handing out candy." mommy to tucker. "mom their inside light is on and shining out the front" tucker to mommy. that was our main hurdle was knowing what houses was handling out candy. we went down 3 large streets, tucker has discovered how much fun trick or treating is. i loved watching her and seeing her excitement. she had to stop and show daddy when she got a good piece of candy. after that we went home to pot roast in the crock pot (eric cooked - LOVE HIM) turned on the porch light, tucker then handed out candy. she loved seeing what everyone dressed up as. she only got scared twice, two houses had smoke makers sorry tucker - it was funny to see her eyes get so big, even daddy laughed from the truck. there was a large man dressed up in the costume from the movie scream, tucker had a hold of my hand so tight, i told her is was only pretend, the man lifted up him mask to show tucker he was a real person under the mask. i know everyone has diffrent feelings about halloween i don't ever want tucker to think those morbid and scary things even are real. i like innocent look in her eyes just being a kid and dressing up, oh and "free candy" for her was good too! huggs OO and kisses XX with love.
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