Monday, November 21, 2005

here we are at monday morning... thank heaven it's a short work week! i have so much to catch up on i will post little updates on everything thru out the day! first thing.... sorry about not posting much last week it was BAD! it was a nice combination of wanting to hurt my dh and just on OVERLOAD! but i think i might be under control.. funny ha-ha! second a big shout out to those ACU JAGS as you all know we missed the first compitition in hot springs arkansas ( i will just give updates on tucker's team but please feel free to check out link to see all teams and video's) where they got 1st and this past week-end we were off to ok city, where the girls got 2nd. did i mention she is a flyer GO TUCKER! eric and i are so proud! third ok the yard sale was a little slow in the beginning but as the day went on i had made $200.00 ok for a 1/2 days work! but the good part of it all is , i realized that not everyone want's my priceless stuff! i have held on to things from yard sales 2-3 years ago knowing that someday it would sale in a yard sale.. well girls i went through and if i had anyhthing for more that 1 yard sale i threw it away! YEA it was hard but you know the garage looks so much better and i really felt better, i don't think i was the trash man's favorite house but hey, he'll be ok! so i think on the right track to perge and get things out of house and get everything in order. alot of work last night and really feel good with how much i got done. needless to say 2 SLAH boxes and 12 trash bags later, i had a good yard sale huggs OO kisses XX and love.

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