Thursday, November 17, 2005

i have been tagged?! oh julie *heart* you honey. here we go...
1. 2 nicknames you go by - lee or lela
2. 2 parts of your heritage (mom's gonna get me cause i don't know) -cherokee indian and american! lol
3. 2 things that scare you - the dark and someone hurting my children
4. 2 everyday essentials - avada "be curly" (hair product) and dr. pepper
5. 2 favorite bands - montgomery gentry and the eagles
5. 2 favorite songs - the fireman george strait and imagine mercy me (i love it when grant nesbit of uttermost sings it)
6. 2 things you want from a relationship - love and honesty
7. 2 physical things that appeal to you in the opposite sex - teeth and butt
8. 2 favorite hobbies - scrapbooking and photography
9. 2 things you want really bad - pink ipod and simplicity in my life
10. 2 places you want to go on vacation - disneyland (for the kids) and really want to go back to NY
11. 2 things you want to do before you die - watch my grandchildren be born and be called Nannie and become a better christian and a better influence to my children and others.
12. 2 ways you are a stereotypical chick - (don't know if this counts i'm a tomboy - sorry) i like to look pretty and smell good and i WISH i was high maintenance! sorry eric
13. 2 things you are thinking right now - how much i still have to get done today and i'm hungry
14. 2 stores you shop at - linens and things and pier 1

3 people to take quiz - lexie - stephanie - karen

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