Friday, January 27, 2006

hi... i know very little but i'm on someone famous blog check out Elsie Flannigan to the left... she is paging me cause she finished my necklace! SO PUMPED!
can't wait to get it!

Friday, January 20, 2006

holy moly it's friday....
many things going on, really to much to mention in one sitting but hey lets try!
1. please keep my mom in your prayers and thoughts she is having surgery today.
2. sorry for not writing as much as i usually do, but have been very busy at work.
3. done my first set of engagement pics this past week, gave the to the bride to be last night and she loved them! i was so excited! i might get the wedding too. photography buisness is going well, and so glad that people want me to share in their lives and help them cherish the little moments that make life so worth living. keeping checking on the web page dh eric is working very hard on it!
4. i can talk about cheer now! last weekend was the most disappointed i have ever been at a cheer compitition. our girls (all three squads) were on! and didn't score very well, them people at *s* really suck! (hiding their identity so i don't get in trouble) but they seriously SUCK!
5. did i mention i'm gonna be published! sorry still living on cloud nine!
6. i'm still doing very well on the house, and keeping it caught up and clean. i'm very proud of myself.
7. it's time to get my scrapboking stuff in order. i have started to look at alot of peoples room on and coming up with some great ideas. eric should worry! *wink don't worry honey the target card has not come out of the purse YET! i'm really gonna be in trouble at and and i hope during the next few months i will have a plan of what i want and get'r done!
8. i want to give lots of love to friends who are always there for me when i need to talk, vent, yell, or scream! Julie, Melanie, Krystal R, Terri H, Kristy L, you gals are awesome!
9. ok you people who want to see the new catalog need to call i booking parties clear into march! wow!
well that's alot of the little things. i hope to come back later and talk more. gonna go surf some blogs.
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

ssssooooooo excited i could pee my pants (sorry for the graphics) i just checked out heidi swapp's web page and..... she is going to be at GASC and CK Tulsa (ok it's on her calender, does that mean SHE will be there or just someone from the company?) to my scrappin buddies "i promise i will remember your names when i meet her! *wink i sure hope i will be able to get in some cute jeans by then so i can alter some! ohhhhh my goodness! thanks for letting me share my excitement!
huggs OO kisses and love
le anne

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

reading through some of my friends blogs today i'm reminded of so many things that i take for granted everyday. i love my friends that are just bold and honest, they know they can be this way with me because i believe we are true "soul sista" ( julie ) i would like to invite you to read julie's blog go to "mean girls" about being you and no whining! then go to cheryl manz and see how one t-shirt she believes can change the world! cheryl with a woman as strong, faithful, and beautiful as you wearing that "t" i have no doubt you will change a few people.
be back soon.... huggs OO kisses XX and love

Monday, January 16, 2006

tag i'm it.... (*heart you julie)
1. 4 jobs you have had in your life?
waitress @ shoney's restraunt
delivered newspapers
work @ a total gas station
heavy equipment parts and service manager

2. 4 movies you could watch over and over?
pretty woman
sweet home alabama
wizard of oz
rules of engagement (Marine Corps movie)

3. 4 places you have lived?
pittsburg kansas
tempe arizona
fayetteville arkansas
fort smith arkansas

4. 4 tv shows you love to watch?
law & order (all of them)
csi (vegas & miami)

5. 4 places you have been on vacation?
las vegas BABY
cozumel mexico
new york *heart this place
washington dc

6. 4 websites you visit daily? (think this is why i'm always broke) *wink

7. 4 of your favorite foods?
dh eric's chicken spagetti
joe's crab shack (crab leg's)
dh eric's barbq (yes he's cute and he cooks)

8. 4 places you would rather be right now?
with my mom (since she is not feeling well, i would love to be there taking care of her)
at home in bed (with eric) watching movies listening to the rain
some beach some where (with margarita)
scrapin with the girls

9. 4 bloggers you are tagging
my favorite rusty pickle gal heather
karen - my chatty as always girl friend
courtney - my prego girl friend *miss you honey
heidi swapp (ok she didn't answer mine but her answers are on her blog)
huggs OO kisses XX an love

Thursday, January 12, 2006

good mornin!
first thank-you all so much for your prayers and warm thoughts, i *heart you all!
second let me tell you my new years goals are coming along very well. the house continues to look great and staying clean. i don't think i'm the trash man's favorite house. in the last two weeks i have cleaned (martha stewart style) my living room, dining room, hall way, hall closets, bathroom, eric and i bedroom. so 4 HUGE garage sale boxes, 37 bags of trash, and a load off my mind an shoulders. i have stuck to the a room a day and it is working. rooms i have left back room, tucker's room (HOLY MOLY) attic, and the promise to keep eric's garage clean of my stuff. i tell you i have noticed a difference in my mood just from keeping the house caught up, i don't feel so trapped. weird i know, but it's working. we are going to church more, we will miss this sunday time to CHEER! the power of prayer as been increased and loving the way it brings peace to my heart. like i said we are off to oklahoma city to cheer for them JAGS! *heart you tucker and good luck girls! please keep my mom connie in your prayers for the next couple of weeks, thank-you will keep you updated!
ok now for the big one.... i'm going to be published! Scrapbook Answers has asked for one of my cheerleading layouts. i got the email this moring and still haven't stop crying! i knew it word happen... (ok no i didn't but it did!) totally excited. you all better get you copy fast cause i'm buying them all! lol
huggs OO kisses XX and love

Thursday, January 05, 2006

good morning bloggers....
today i come bearing my soul, if you think you might laugh, think funny of me, or just plain think i'm wierd, please don't read beyond this sentence. i know they only folks who read this are dear friends of family so here we go. went to church last night and i know that God told me to be there, "you are going to hear something you need to know" the sevice was directed at the "community" the community of praying believers. I know that i need to pray more than what i do, and saying have have no time is not an excuse for not spending time with God. well mid way through the service we do prayer (about 150 people up front of church shoulder to shoulder) sounds weird and oh so close but on the other hand, i had a feeling of warmth and compassion. pastor gives many things that the holy spirit is speaking to him about to pray for. we one of the was for feeling overwhelmed, depresssed. i felt my heart race, for the reason you may not know. over the last month or more, i have had such a feeling of sadness, depression, overwhelmed, and wondering why. well you may say "girl everyone goes through that, well what i have not told you is that i truely feel i have an anger problem, over what you ask EVERYTHING! my marriage, my job, my children, my parents, ok EVERYTHING! i know some days i want to much, so with this year i have tryed to set some REALISTIC goals for my self. i know alot of this stems from just a few main issues a couple i have no control over a few i do, and have never changed. i want so much to be just me, not hide behind mask and pretend! i need to before i make any changes, change how i feel about myself... just work with me i'm fat, don't care what i look like half the time, just low self esteem. i'm working on it, i have been eating right for about a week now and i start working out every monday - wednesday - friday with a personal trainer. i believe this is the only way i can become dedicated to doing the whole working out thing. pay for the service, don't show up they keep your money, and there is no make up class! i call that motivation. i will see. please don't pity or feel sorry for me i'm the one who has choosen to live this way. but i do ask that you pray for me. when i worked up the courage to raise my hand for that subject and to be prayed for i felt like a huge weight has been lifted from my sholders, like admiting i have something wrong with me is ok. well many tears later, and the drive home i was glad that i took my problem to God and know that it is in His hands, and i must have faith.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

good mornin....
as i'm anxiously awaiting to come up, i would like to share with you the other scrapper that i'm stalking *jj lol. i found here through julie jones blog (link on side) elsie flannigan may i say WOW! (elsie's link on side too) go to click on pea nut galley, then pea nut search, key in just elsie (she is elsiecake) click on elsiecake and check out her basic grey album of her and her dh tj. holy moly. she is also in the feb issue of ck article " be yourself" by the way this issue is the best ck i have have seen! but back to elsie she is so refreshing and love her style. you can also check her out at
huggs OO kisses XX and love

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

oohhhh i have been tagged by new girlfriend heather beste-ales (rusty pickle gal - met her at GASC 2004 *heart her)
1. do you have a favorite holiday treat? my mom's pumpkin pie w/ cool whip (heaven)
2. what is your favorite family memory from your childhood? living in arizona i was on a swim team (tempe swim devils) i was very good at it and remember my mom and dad yelling and cheering me on.
3. what is the best thing that santa brought you this year? he brought me my own web page thanks santa
4. what time is it right now? 12:33 pm
5. what some is on your (imaginary or real) Ipod right now? george strait
6. didi - scrappin , paper - scrappin or both? paper
7. coke or pepsi? sorry dr pepper but if I must pick coke
8. five things you would go out and buy if $10,000 fell into your lap? oh myyyy.... a big screen tv for dh, clothes and shoes, windows, sheet rock, paint to finish the house.
9. one thing you absolutely, unequivocally love about who you are? i'm a good friend, and love to give to others before I think of myself. (unless I'm in Target sorry honey)
10. name one quote, song lyric, overused sentiment, whatever, that means alot to you, that changed or shaped the direction of your life today? (SONG)the song " Imagine" by mercy me - WOW! the lyrics say it all - can you imagine what it will be like that day that we finally to get to be in His presance and WORSHIP Him forever. (VERSE) "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart." to me this means delight yourself in what the Lord has blessed you with, and he will continue to bless you. remember we work by His master plan not ours, patience. Very hard for me! (Word) being called Mommy WOW, I live for the day I will be called Nannie. And of course Wife to the best husband eric - Love You!
11. your favorite color? blue - Jayhawk BLUE! Want to see the color? cut me cause I bleed it! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK! GO KU

I tag julie, melanie, stephanie
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