Wednesday, January 18, 2006

ssssooooooo excited i could pee my pants (sorry for the graphics) i just checked out heidi swapp's web page and..... she is going to be at GASC and CK Tulsa (ok it's on her calender, does that mean SHE will be there or just someone from the company?) to my scrappin buddies "i promise i will remember your names when i meet her! *wink i sure hope i will be able to get in some cute jeans by then so i can alter some! ohhhhh my goodness! thanks for letting me share my excitement!
huggs OO kisses and love
le anne


Julie said...

woohoo!!! yes, please don't ditch us in your celebrity moment. Ha, ha! Just kidding girl. I hope she is there and we can all meet her and you and her become best buds. I need to find an idol to stalk..I'm starting to feel like I'll be the only one without some big name buddy! =)

lilscrappymom said...

ummm sure... just like when melody what's her name came along and i "ditched" you ... umm i expect the very same treatment... just lemme ride to famous hanging onto your shoelaces... k?


Tisham said...

I hope you get to meet her! She is one of the most down to earth super star scrappers I have met to date. Very nice gal :-)

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