Friday, January 20, 2006

holy moly it's friday....
many things going on, really to much to mention in one sitting but hey lets try!
1. please keep my mom in your prayers and thoughts she is having surgery today.
2. sorry for not writing as much as i usually do, but have been very busy at work.
3. done my first set of engagement pics this past week, gave the to the bride to be last night and she loved them! i was so excited! i might get the wedding too. photography buisness is going well, and so glad that people want me to share in their lives and help them cherish the little moments that make life so worth living. keeping checking on the web page dh eric is working very hard on it!
4. i can talk about cheer now! last weekend was the most disappointed i have ever been at a cheer compitition. our girls (all three squads) were on! and didn't score very well, them people at *s* really suck! (hiding their identity so i don't get in trouble) but they seriously SUCK!
5. did i mention i'm gonna be published! sorry still living on cloud nine!
6. i'm still doing very well on the house, and keeping it caught up and clean. i'm very proud of myself.
7. it's time to get my scrapboking stuff in order. i have started to look at alot of peoples room on and coming up with some great ideas. eric should worry! *wink don't worry honey the target card has not come out of the purse YET! i'm really gonna be in trouble at and and i hope during the next few months i will have a plan of what i want and get'r done!
8. i want to give lots of love to friends who are always there for me when i need to talk, vent, yell, or scream! Julie, Melanie, Krystal R, Terri H, Kristy L, you gals are awesome!
9. ok you people who want to see the new catalog need to call i booking parties clear into march! wow!
well that's alot of the little things. i hope to come back later and talk more. gonna go surf some blogs.
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne


Julie said...

=) speaking of photos, I need to schedule a shoot with you for just me! Need some new me photos girlie. Let me know when you are available okay?

Heather said...

Yeah! I NEED you to take some photos of me when I come up that way for the crop. Will you be available?

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