Wednesday, July 18, 2007

well with the help of eric... (to keep honest)
i lost 2.4 lbs.
new goal to loose 3 more lbs. by next wednesday!
wish me luck!
love le anne irene bull

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

can you keep a secret????
this is ellie bull - a boxer puppy
tucker's birthday gift from eric and i
she is getting a picture of her tommorow in her birthday card and we will pick her up friday.
she is so tiny!
le anne irene

HAPPINESS found... my new bag!
love le anne irene

Thursday, July 12, 2007

well i lived throught the evening... *wink wink
after work went to tuckers's swimming lessons last night, she is doing so good! after that went home, tucker had cereal (i knew i ate to much of that stuff when i was pregnant) for me a multi vitamin and 2 eggs (scrambled w/ 1/3 cup cheese) & 2 slices of tomato w/ black pepper and a water. worked around the house, stared at my mmm entry and tried to put the last layout i need together... didn't happen!
this morning up at 5 shower and off to work. where i work there is a big circle drive. got here at 5:10 walked until i had done 2 miles 5:45 went to coffee beanery had my coffee only this time w/ low fat carmel and no whip (did NOT taste the same) but i will only have 2 of these per week where i was having 5 a week. breakfast yogurt and a red apple and water.

eric says after 14 days of change that this will be cope habit. i hope in 14 days i see a diffrence. i WILL see a diffrence.
thanks for all the love and support.
leanne irene

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

what is the hardest thing you have ever had to do??? for me i'm sure it's not the hardest but it is a really bad struggle. WEIGHT!
i'm going to give you a little history and tell you my plan... do i have one? i think so. and since only maybe 10 of you read this NO need to be embarrassed!
the year 2003 i have be struggling with LOTS of female problems and after 3 diffrent doctors it became obvious that a hysterectomy was in my near future. feb 2003 i go into have my surgery weighing 139 lbs..... fast forward today, my metabolism is in a coma! seriously a sleep.
i have had many battles in the last 2 years of my life that i think i use food as a healing agent. well not that my battles have gotten away but i have... aged, and aged bad. i look at my face a see alot of wrinkles and my skin just don't have that same look. i do drink ALOT of water, wash and moisturize my face everyday. but main problem is i have let my weight and how i feel about myself when i look in a mirror (YUCK) yes nak** (i know you are saying YUCK or did i really need to know that?) is not pleasing to me.
so today i bought a scale and i'm gonna start using it! i know that i will never have a runway models body.... but i could stand to be ALOT thinner and healthier with my eating habits. so since i bought the scale, i brought into my office and took it out of the package and weighed myself 188.8 lbs (there i said it, for all the world to hear) i will be setting small goals and letting you know what they are.
today 7-11-07 goal 1 - to weight 3 lbs less than i do today, i will eat no sweets, and eat healthier meals, and i will walk 5 days in the next week, at least a mile.
i'm not starting tomorrow, i started today. wish me luck.
i'm sure i will be here before the week is up.... see you soon!
le anne irene bull

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

will this gucci bag go with my gucci shoes? handbag $2,135.00 WHAT! fun to look
le anne irene bull

who really spend $635.00 on ONE pair of shoes... if i was rich i would on these! they are HOT! i would have to learn how to walk in them too! *wink wink
see you after the 4th - tucker is having a friend stay the night and i'm going to crop ALL night long!
le anne irene
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