Thursday, July 12, 2007

well i lived throught the evening... *wink wink
after work went to tuckers's swimming lessons last night, she is doing so good! after that went home, tucker had cereal (i knew i ate to much of that stuff when i was pregnant) for me a multi vitamin and 2 eggs (scrambled w/ 1/3 cup cheese) & 2 slices of tomato w/ black pepper and a water. worked around the house, stared at my mmm entry and tried to put the last layout i need together... didn't happen!
this morning up at 5 shower and off to work. where i work there is a big circle drive. got here at 5:10 walked until i had done 2 miles 5:45 went to coffee beanery had my coffee only this time w/ low fat carmel and no whip (did NOT taste the same) but i will only have 2 of these per week where i was having 5 a week. breakfast yogurt and a red apple and water.

eric says after 14 days of change that this will be cope habit. i hope in 14 days i see a diffrence. i WILL see a diffrence.
thanks for all the love and support.
leanne irene

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Julie said...

you can do it le! i'm proud of you and hang in there! it does get easier!

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