Wednesday, July 11, 2007

what is the hardest thing you have ever had to do??? for me i'm sure it's not the hardest but it is a really bad struggle. WEIGHT!
i'm going to give you a little history and tell you my plan... do i have one? i think so. and since only maybe 10 of you read this NO need to be embarrassed!
the year 2003 i have be struggling with LOTS of female problems and after 3 diffrent doctors it became obvious that a hysterectomy was in my near future. feb 2003 i go into have my surgery weighing 139 lbs..... fast forward today, my metabolism is in a coma! seriously a sleep.
i have had many battles in the last 2 years of my life that i think i use food as a healing agent. well not that my battles have gotten away but i have... aged, and aged bad. i look at my face a see alot of wrinkles and my skin just don't have that same look. i do drink ALOT of water, wash and moisturize my face everyday. but main problem is i have let my weight and how i feel about myself when i look in a mirror (YUCK) yes nak** (i know you are saying YUCK or did i really need to know that?) is not pleasing to me.
so today i bought a scale and i'm gonna start using it! i know that i will never have a runway models body.... but i could stand to be ALOT thinner and healthier with my eating habits. so since i bought the scale, i brought into my office and took it out of the package and weighed myself 188.8 lbs (there i said it, for all the world to hear) i will be setting small goals and letting you know what they are.
today 7-11-07 goal 1 - to weight 3 lbs less than i do today, i will eat no sweets, and eat healthier meals, and i will walk 5 days in the next week, at least a mile.
i'm not starting tomorrow, i started today. wish me luck.
i'm sure i will be here before the week is up.... see you soon!
le anne irene bull


Monica said...

Le, I am right there with ya. I worked out for nine months hard, and my heart rate, blood pressure, flexibilty all improved, but my weight was exactly the same nine months later. The last couple of months I have just been watching portions and trying to eat healthier and I have lost weight. So if you need someone to vent too or encourage you, give me a call!

rhonda said...

I know you will do it Le. You are one determined woman. W O M A N! I'm proud of you and I will be praying for you on this journey. I'll wait at least 3 weeks till I beg you to come drink that supportive? : ) wink*
Love you,

Julie said...

you can do it Le! And I'm doing it along with you too. It is a struggle!! A STRUGGLE! But I know with a little help from our friends we can get by. :) I'm proud of you!

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you to girl!! I 'm here to support you! You can do it!!!

melanie said...

le le

i love you... i think you are beautiful inside and out and i am proud of you for taking this step to take care of yourself... i just watched an episode of Grey's that had 4 lil old ladies in it lifetime friends, and it reminded me of us... i know that we are going to be like that... and i am so happy you are taking your future into a new mode of thinking and living... you will be around to see your grandchildren, and hopefully their children and look da** good all those lil old men will be chasin after you!!!

wink and
im with Rhonda... i will wait a few weeks before i smuggle you a large hot sugar daddy!

stephfreeman said...

it is a struggle. Mine started a lot longer ago ... 10 years to be exact.... I went from great metabolism to no metabolism. I've started working on it too but not quite as open as you have been. That is an inspiration to me! Love ya!

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