Wednesday, May 14, 2008

well for all 2 of you that read this i would thought i would take a little time to say hi -

for a very short update here we go by month....
september - after arriving in little rock to fly to arizona - to creative escape - eric calls and our house is on fire 70% of house contents gone and about 40% of house structure is gone. we move into apartment - i now remember why people buy houses! CRAZY people live in apartments! JJ

october - nothing eventful - still waiting to on insurance to start working on house.

november - USMC ball - and we start travling for cheer. in this month i had the hardest thing to deal with happen. my brother jerod and his wife danae were expecting twins - both boys due in march. well them little angels surprised us early and were born in late november. (i will not post pictures - if you would like to see and live close i will gladly show off my nephews) in the end i have two handsome angels watching over me. i love you teegan and merrick

december - nothing eventful have christmas at apartment alone and tucker gets her cell hone from santa - i will also mention 4 weeks later it was lost.

january - working on house still hope to be in it by end of the month. ohhhh and i quit my job - unemployed and stay at home mom.

febuary - well another rough month - this time for me. after a self exam back in november i finally go and have a mommogram done on feb 11 - i get the call on the 13 that changes my life - i have stage 2 breast cancer. - God my plate is full! oh and we are having to move back into the house undone!

march - the 6th i have a single massactomy and remove my right breast. move back into UNDONE house the 7th. i begin chemo on march 27th. still strugglng with all emotions on this sorry! went to memoryvilla crop the week after my surgery had the time of my life. thank-you ladies! and julie for driving me (this was an adventure in its self)

april - now bald - and have 2 chemo treatments under my belt. in the house did i mention still UNDONE. ohhh and still no job. where is the poor house????

may - nothing eventful - have 3 chemo treatments done. and i will be 38 this month! holy moly.

much love
le anne
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