Wednesday, May 14, 2008

well for all 2 of you that read this i would thought i would take a little time to say hi -

for a very short update here we go by month....
september - after arriving in little rock to fly to arizona - to creative escape - eric calls and our house is on fire 70% of house contents gone and about 40% of house structure is gone. we move into apartment - i now remember why people buy houses! CRAZY people live in apartments! JJ

october - nothing eventful - still waiting to on insurance to start working on house.

november - USMC ball - and we start travling for cheer. in this month i had the hardest thing to deal with happen. my brother jerod and his wife danae were expecting twins - both boys due in march. well them little angels surprised us early and were born in late november. (i will not post pictures - if you would like to see and live close i will gladly show off my nephews) in the end i have two handsome angels watching over me. i love you teegan and merrick

december - nothing eventful have christmas at apartment alone and tucker gets her cell hone from santa - i will also mention 4 weeks later it was lost.

january - working on house still hope to be in it by end of the month. ohhhh and i quit my job - unemployed and stay at home mom.

febuary - well another rough month - this time for me. after a self exam back in november i finally go and have a mommogram done on feb 11 - i get the call on the 13 that changes my life - i have stage 2 breast cancer. - God my plate is full! oh and we are having to move back into the house undone!

march - the 6th i have a single massactomy and remove my right breast. move back into UNDONE house the 7th. i begin chemo on march 27th. still strugglng with all emotions on this sorry! went to memoryvilla crop the week after my surgery had the time of my life. thank-you ladies! and julie for driving me (this was an adventure in its self)

april - now bald - and have 2 chemo treatments under my belt. in the house did i mention still UNDONE. ohhh and still no job. where is the poor house????

may - nothing eventful - have 3 chemo treatments done. and i will be 38 this month! holy moly.

much love
le anne


melanie said...

i love you so much! sweet dear friend, you are as always in my prayers.


Julie said...

i love you libby! :) can you come to the house on the 23rd? I know it is your birthday and everything...hope you can make it. hugs and love and all that mushy stuff

Monica said...

Much love and prayers for you, my friend.

suzann said...

I don't know what drew me to your blog today. I guess I was just wondering what your girls were up to since PD. I am heartbroken to hear about your breast cancer. You are too young for this. You are on my prayer list as you continue your recovery.

Courtney said...

You never cease to amaze me. Even when reading about all of the weight that is on your shoulders, I can hear your perky voice reading it with me. You are the most amazing woman! I can't wait to see you again.

Becca Guthrie said...

Keegan and I pray for you on the way to school every morning and every night. You can do this..... God won't give you more than you can handle, but some times I know it gets close! Can't wait to see you. Garrett will be here before we know it!

Anonymous said...

I love you Le! Can't wait to see you again and you know you are in my thoughts and prayers! Happy Birthday!!! April

rbecca91 said...

Le, so glad you updated!!! See, more than two people care about you!!! It sounds like you have had your plate full. You need a vacation!!! Happy Birthday and keep in touch.

yumi said...

Nice to meet you.

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DonnaBD said...

You are always in my prayers L, and happy birthday.

Ann T. said...

Just checking in on you. Continue to stay stong.

stephfreeman said...

Yumi, you are extremely rude and inappropriate. My beautiful friend just poured her heart out with all of the chaos she is living with and you post an emotionless response asking people to check out your diet site. I hope you choke on a carrot.

Heather said...

LeAnne - I have read this post at least a dozen times and each time my heart hurts for you. I've wanted to leave you a note each time, but have not been sure about what to say. I've also had breast cancer, and have survived. I didn't have a masectomy, but at times I wish I did. I wish I lived closer to AR so that we could be better friends and that I could be there to help. Anyway, know you're in my thoughts, my heart, and prayers!

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