Monday, October 31, 2005

i'm here with concern #2 this is the big one!
yes i'm talking about me ... me - myself - i

girls lets face we all are not getting any younger... sorry! i wonder how is a girl supposta age gracefully? i'm not wealthy so i can't go get lifted - tucked - sucked. lol! i know i don't work out as much as i should ok not at all. but really -- who has time? over the last week, i have really hated my hair don't know if it's the weather, or what. do i want to cut a little off? i have not really cut my hair in a couple of years, everyone loved it but it was so short that i could not get it all up in piggy tail! then i have gray hair wrinkles. AAAAHHHHH! i found a pic of myself from 3-4 years ago, i looked in the mirror and thought to myself you are getting old and looking it too! do i just except that i'm getting old and fat and just deal with it??!! i need a magic lotion in a 55 gallon drum! ok i just want to look young and be beautiful, is that to much to ask???
much love
ok i know that the first part of addiction is admitting you have a problem... well here i am "I'm A PACK RAT" yes i have crap everywhere...
1. unfinshed projects
2. stuff i thought was cute bought it and eventually i will get to making it
3. i'm a journal freak i LOVE cute little notebooks
4. scrapbook paper "got to have it all"
5. crap in my attic i have NOT touched since we moved in (4 years ago!)
6. ok i have alot of priceless merchandise (ok S***) as my mom calls it

ok you may ask why is this hitting me now... well i went and looked at houses saturday (dh eric was not in town) i would love to come home to a HOME, not a house that needs complete renovation. don't get me wrong i love my house but it is going to take alot of money and time to get it to HOME. how do you throw away things? the kids papers and old books, cute clothes, toys that they played with for ever. i really have a hard time with this process. so eric went and looked at the houses sunday, he didn't like any of them. so that was easy. i guess i will try over the winter to weed out some of the stuff i think that might make the renovation process easier. that is just one of the issues i'm dealing with, thank-you for letting me vent. huggs OO and kisses XX with love.
welcome to monday....yuuukkk! i guess i sgould say BOO! we are not big on halloween at our house, tucker will be an arkansas razorback cheerleader ( i knew i should have picked up a ku uniform last time i was in lawrence) ha-ha! we will be going to a couple of street around our house that we know are safe. i know i'm probably being "freaky" about but these days you just never know! i will have a short work week this week, will not be here on friday, YEA! heading over to tulsa oklahoma for the Marine Corps happy 230th birthday to all Marines, Semper Fi! have not even figured out what i will be wearing... holy cow! tucker and i went to the mall on saturday, who ever buys dresses for dillards and pennys ohhh my, i would question their buying tactics. i will either wear a dress from the last couple of years, or make a mad dash sometime this week, who knows! i would love to wear the red dress i wore 3 years ago, but it seems the old age SPREAD has hit my back side and belly and can't even get that dress zipped up! ok enough about fat and old age, (im scared of both) LOL! got to get some work done, i will be back today and write more, got more to say! huggs OO kisses XX and love.

Friday, October 28, 2005

well it's here and it's friday! i know i should not wish the days away, but today, yes give me the week-end. today i'm working and will be got of here at 3, then to pick-up tucker from school, then i'm going to help athena merchandise her store, i'm excited to help, but tucker says she is going to help athena with her job. which i guess is true. ahhh how a 6 year old thinks! well dh eric is off to the deer woods, so what else would two girls do when daddy's not home, order out, bring in the chocolate, dr peppers, and girlfriends and crop till you drop! that's what we are doing! tommorow i have the stout photo's at 10 then off to the putman home, cant wait to see jim and mary (they are athena's mom and dad) they are putting a new deck on the back of their house, going to help athena do some things. all the kids from church call mary gran mary, so tucker of course know she will be spoiled and eat good while we are at their house. sunday it's church and the a nap. will check back in as the week-end goes on. huggs OO and kisses with love.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

hello thursday, one more day and then the week-end YEA! well last night i got my quiet night. it was funny dh eric reads my blog and then can know what i'm thinking with out me hassling him or have to drop hints that never work. (ha-ha love you honey) maybe if i ask for my new truck on here i might get it to! HA-HA ok i pinched myself i'm a wake now. well last night i got the house picked up, all the laundry done, all my errands for tonight packed up, eric cooked dinner, tucker's home work done. i think i got alot done. plus we go to watch martha together. i know me - martha stewart WHAT! but i will be SO happy when that JERK JIM gets kicked off. he is like a bad nightmare that just keeps coming back! well my photography buisness is doing well, and i'm so excited. this weekend i'm doing the stout family photos. i got julie and jenna beth's back last night and promised to get her 36 proofs well there is about 62 and i can't pick, so i'm gonna let julie do that. tonight i'm going to a photgraphy class to learn about my new camera that dh surprised me with I LOVE IT but it has so many buttons - gadgets i feel like i my launch something! LOL. tonight is also cheerleading practice and many errands. but hey welcome to crazyville! well be back later. Love Ya'll.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

ok well what is up with me...
today is ds dakota's 16th where has the time gone? he got to open presents saturday and got alot of golf stuff, his cake was even a golf course. sunday after church he picked outback steak house to eat, then he and dh eric (love) went to play golf. he sure has grown up fast! love you dakota! next weekend is the Marine Corps Ball in tulsa. then the next week-end kara and jeff get married, funny this also dd tucker's first cheer compitition (GO JAGS)weekend which we will miss (ha-ha love ya kara) after that the crazyness of traveling will begin ( we LOVE it though) tonight i hope to get a quiet night at home with the family. my life is always alittle crazy.. but hey you only live once! you really should make it eventful! (is that how you spell that?) well till later huggs OO kissesXX and love!
ok with the help of melanie, i am now up and blogging! yea! i hope that the dh will help me get pictures up and everything. for those who really know me, know that i'm computer stupid. now i know in my house that's not a nice word, but hey when it fits type it! will share more about me soon, till then live - laugh - love!

Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm here, I'm now have a blog! YEA! I'm hoping I can figure all this out!
Le Anne
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