Thursday, October 27, 2005

hello thursday, one more day and then the week-end YEA! well last night i got my quiet night. it was funny dh eric reads my blog and then can know what i'm thinking with out me hassling him or have to drop hints that never work. (ha-ha love you honey) maybe if i ask for my new truck on here i might get it to! HA-HA ok i pinched myself i'm a wake now. well last night i got the house picked up, all the laundry done, all my errands for tonight packed up, eric cooked dinner, tucker's home work done. i think i got alot done. plus we go to watch martha together. i know me - martha stewart WHAT! but i will be SO happy when that JERK JIM gets kicked off. he is like a bad nightmare that just keeps coming back! well my photography buisness is doing well, and i'm so excited. this weekend i'm doing the stout family photos. i got julie and jenna beth's back last night and promised to get her 36 proofs well there is about 62 and i can't pick, so i'm gonna let julie do that. tonight i'm going to a photgraphy class to learn about my new camera that dh surprised me with I LOVE IT but it has so many buttons - gadgets i feel like i my launch something! LOL. tonight is also cheerleading practice and many errands. but hey welcome to crazyville! well be back later. Love Ya'll.


Julie said...

I'm so EXCITED to get my photos! I can't believe you are going to make me pick, you stinker! Woohoo! I feel excitement in my chest because I just CAN'T WAIT!

Karen said...

I can't believe you let Eric read your blog. I hope Coty doesn't want to cause you never know when I might need to vent about him. LOL

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