Wednesday, October 26, 2005

ok well what is up with me...
today is ds dakota's 16th where has the time gone? he got to open presents saturday and got alot of golf stuff, his cake was even a golf course. sunday after church he picked outback steak house to eat, then he and dh eric (love) went to play golf. he sure has grown up fast! love you dakota! next weekend is the Marine Corps Ball in tulsa. then the next week-end kara and jeff get married, funny this also dd tucker's first cheer compitition (GO JAGS)weekend which we will miss (ha-ha love ya kara) after that the crazyness of traveling will begin ( we LOVE it though) tonight i hope to get a quiet night at home with the family. my life is always alittle crazy.. but hey you only live once! you really should make it eventful! (is that how you spell that?) well till later huggs OO kissesXX and love!


Shawn T Lippert said...

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lilscrappymom said...

who i n the heck is shawn lippert! maybe he posted to the wrong blog... at least he could have told Dakota happy birthday!!


Julie said...

I believe that shawn lippert is a spammer! You probably should turn on your word verification to keep this from happening. I'm so glad that Mel posts comments on your blog, because she totally ignores mine!!!

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