Friday, October 28, 2005

well it's here and it's friday! i know i should not wish the days away, but today, yes give me the week-end. today i'm working and will be got of here at 3, then to pick-up tucker from school, then i'm going to help athena merchandise her store, i'm excited to help, but tucker says she is going to help athena with her job. which i guess is true. ahhh how a 6 year old thinks! well dh eric is off to the deer woods, so what else would two girls do when daddy's not home, order out, bring in the chocolate, dr peppers, and girlfriends and crop till you drop! that's what we are doing! tommorow i have the stout photo's at 10 then off to the putman home, cant wait to see jim and mary (they are athena's mom and dad) they are putting a new deck on the back of their house, going to help athena do some things. all the kids from church call mary gran mary, so tucker of course know she will be spoiled and eat good while we are at their house. sunday it's church and the a nap. will check back in as the week-end goes on. huggs OO and kisses with love.

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