Monday, October 31, 2005

i'm here with concern #2 this is the big one!
yes i'm talking about me ... me - myself - i

girls lets face we all are not getting any younger... sorry! i wonder how is a girl supposta age gracefully? i'm not wealthy so i can't go get lifted - tucked - sucked. lol! i know i don't work out as much as i should ok not at all. but really -- who has time? over the last week, i have really hated my hair don't know if it's the weather, or what. do i want to cut a little off? i have not really cut my hair in a couple of years, everyone loved it but it was so short that i could not get it all up in piggy tail! then i have gray hair wrinkles. AAAAHHHHH! i found a pic of myself from 3-4 years ago, i looked in the mirror and thought to myself you are getting old and looking it too! do i just except that i'm getting old and fat and just deal with it??!! i need a magic lotion in a 55 gallon drum! ok i just want to look young and be beautiful, is that to much to ask???
much love


lilscrappymom said...

well Lee i must say to suck it up buttercup, cause the age train has left the station and is heading towards 40th street... but you know for YOUR age you really don't look half bad (tee hee) seriously girl DO NOT cut your hair, and if you decide to anyhow make it a wig for me! I love you just the way you are my sweet beautiful inside and out friend!!

stephfreeman said...

I'm with Mel - you are beautiful inside and out. You have hair most of us would kill for (or at least mame) and beautiful eyes. I am so happy that you are you..... and that you'll always be older than me!!! Love ya!

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