Monday, January 16, 2006

tag i'm it.... (*heart you julie)
1. 4 jobs you have had in your life?
waitress @ shoney's restraunt
delivered newspapers
work @ a total gas station
heavy equipment parts and service manager

2. 4 movies you could watch over and over?
pretty woman
sweet home alabama
wizard of oz
rules of engagement (Marine Corps movie)

3. 4 places you have lived?
pittsburg kansas
tempe arizona
fayetteville arkansas
fort smith arkansas

4. 4 tv shows you love to watch?
law & order (all of them)
csi (vegas & miami)

5. 4 places you have been on vacation?
las vegas BABY
cozumel mexico
new york *heart this place
washington dc

6. 4 websites you visit daily? (think this is why i'm always broke) *wink

7. 4 of your favorite foods?
dh eric's chicken spagetti
joe's crab shack (crab leg's)
dh eric's barbq (yes he's cute and he cooks)

8. 4 places you would rather be right now?
with my mom (since she is not feeling well, i would love to be there taking care of her)
at home in bed (with eric) watching movies listening to the rain
some beach some where (with margarita)
scrapin with the girls

9. 4 bloggers you are tagging
my favorite rusty pickle gal heather
karen - my chatty as always girl friend
courtney - my prego girl friend *miss you honey
heidi swapp (ok she didn't answer mine but her answers are on her blog)
huggs OO kisses XX an love


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