Tuesday, January 03, 2006

oohhhh i have been tagged by new girlfriend heather beste-ales (rusty pickle gal - met her at GASC 2004 *heart her)
1. do you have a favorite holiday treat? my mom's pumpkin pie w/ cool whip (heaven)
2. what is your favorite family memory from your childhood? living in arizona i was on a swim team (tempe swim devils) i was very good at it and remember my mom and dad yelling and cheering me on.
3. what is the best thing that santa brought you this year? he brought me my own web page www.lifeslittlemomentsphoto.com thanks santa
4. what time is it right now? 12:33 pm
5. what some is on your (imaginary or real) Ipod right now? george strait
6. didi - scrappin , paper - scrappin or both? paper
7. coke or pepsi? sorry dr pepper but if I must pick coke
8. five things you would go out and buy if $10,000 fell into your lap? oh myyyy.... a big screen tv for dh, clothes and shoes, windows, sheet rock, paint to finish the house.
9. one thing you absolutely, unequivocally love about who you are? i'm a good friend, and love to give to others before I think of myself. (unless I'm in Target sorry honey)
10. name one quote, song lyric, overused sentiment, whatever, that means alot to you, that changed or shaped the direction of your life today? (SONG)the song " Imagine" by mercy me - WOW! the lyrics say it all - can you imagine what it will be like that day that we finally to get to be in His presance and WORSHIP Him forever. (VERSE) "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart." to me this means delight yourself in what the Lord has blessed you with, and he will continue to bless you. remember we work by His master plan not ours, patience. Very hard for me! (Word) being called Mommy WOW, I live for the day I will be called Nannie. And of course Wife to the best husband eric - Love You!
11. your favorite color? blue - Jayhawk BLUE! Want to see the color? cut me cause I bleed it! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK! GO KU

I tag julie, melanie, stephanie

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