Tuesday, November 08, 2005

well i'm BACK.... dh eric and i had a wonderful time at the Marine Corps Ball, it was just an overall relaxing, no stress week-end. We got to tulsa about 12:15 eric dropped me off at a lss scrapbooks galore & more (LOVE this store) and then he went to the unit to work. I got about 7 layouts done and completed, and 6 more drawn out and ready to put together. i got to crop till about 10, eric was so tired, he knew if he went to the hotel he would not wake up to come get me at midnight. we got to the hotel and watched a movie, and well wink! the next morning i got to sleep til 9:30am YEA! got up and went to the gym in the hotel and walked 3 miles, back to room and showered. went to lunch and then to get a massage, thanks SSgt Moore! then it was time to get ready. hair - make-up - pantyhose YUK! but hey somethings need SUPPORT! ha-ha! wink! got down stairs and had a wonderful time at cocktails visting and talking with all the other wifes. dh eric was in the sword detail this year, may i say he was the best one out there, and looked great! dinner was next ask eric about his shoe leather! then we dance and talked. then we loaded up and went to a club called suede in tulsa and closed it down, back to the hotel and slept till 10am. got to go to Joe's Crab Shack for lunch - YUMMY! then to target and the Creamery - YUMMY! then to eric cousin becca and her dh eric house to visit left about 5:15. all and all wonderful week-end, it's always nice when eric and i get a little quiet time. love you honey! huggs OO & kisses XX with love

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