Thursday, November 03, 2005

well here i am, sorry i missed yesterday. i'm trying to get everything caught up in the office because i will not be here tommorow. let me just start by saying HOLY COW that JERK JIM is still on martha stewart. he SO drives me crazy! short drive as it may be, lol! well i'm picking up my ball dress from the dry cleaners on the way to cheer, everything else i still have to do tonight. plus take tucker to cheer, get my toes and nails done, plus try to get some stuff to Mel's house for the yard sale! WOW i hope i can get everything done. I will get to crop for 14 hours at scrapbooks galore and more, and hoping to get caught up on all my dt items and some contest i want to enter. you may ask she got her scrapbooking stuff done first, well yea! see i'm wearing the same dress that i wore last year, tacky i know but i didn't want to go spend the money to buy a new one, and i'm to fat to get into the other that i have worn of the last 6 years. i'm hoping that everyone was drunk enough last year they don't remember what i wore! wink! the rest is jeans and t-shirts i can do that real fast right. we'll see! i hope everyone has a wonderful week-end. i hope to learn how to put pics on here soon, i will get some up of the ball and such. huggs OO kisses XX love.


Julie said...

I hope you have a great time at the ball Le! Can't wait to hear all about it. Good luck on your contest stuff!

Tisham said...

Have a great time girl!!! It sounds like fun!!

stephfreeman said...

Hope you had a blast!! Give us the scoop!

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