Tuesday, November 08, 2005

ok as most of you know my wonderful dh eric reads my blog. love you honey! eric told me last week that while he was in line to get a drink at the hosptial, some woman called him a "lil blue eyed devil" for those of you who have never seen my good looking husband knows he has the most beautiful blue eyes. we he is either playing dumb, doesn't wanna hurt my feelings. he doesn't think she was flirting with him! OMG - HELLO honey YES she was! what do ya'll think? i know that i will never use that as a pet name for him, i just tease him with! wink! huggs OO & kisses XX with love to the "lil blue eyed devil"

1 comment:

Lexie said...

I get compliments all the time on my eyes as well, but I don't necessarily think people are flirting when they say things. I guess it depends on HOW she said it, ya know?

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