Friday, November 11, 2005

good morning blogging world! well friday it is, i'm sorry i have not posted, but i have been BUSY, not just busy but CRAZY BUSY! i never dreamed a creative idea from my dear friends (melanie started it) about starting my own photography company we keep me so busy. don't get me wrong i LOVE it, and i actually think i getting better. wink! but i'm booked up! i have started looking into getting a studio to share with some friends to share in a joint venture in opening our own buisness. but after looking at some of the property here in town, i think i will wait a little longer. dh eric has looked in to my web page fee for doing that $600.00 WHAT! but hey i guess welcome to buisness. i'm only hoping that i will get the money around to do that, i think it would be good for me. ok on to other things, melanie had yard sale last week, and i think she sold everything she owned, jj - lol! she has got me inspired! so this coming friday i will be having me one. i will use this next week to get ready and hopefully i will get some things out of the house that are not serving a purpose! ok that's everything! wink! if you read my past posts, i really want to simplify everything in the home and my life, i need to have more time to STOP and smell the roses. not come home and say OM heavens when will i have time to get this clean plus enjoy eric and the kids, oh h*** enjoy life! that's what i want. so pray that the pack rat in me leaves this up coming week! heading to fayetteville today for kara and jeff's wedding tommorow. did i mention she wants me to give a speech, one i can't talk in public with out crying or being so nervous i can't read. but i got the speech done, and got mom iretha's approval. so truck is packed, pick up tucker aka flowergirl and off to fayeteville we go. i will let you all know how it goes. huggs OO kisses XX and LOVE. le anne


Julie said...

i hope you have a great time le! can't wait to hear all about it

stephfreeman said...

ok - so how'd the speech go? Did you feel the heat start in your feet and rush to the top of your head as you stood there talking?

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