Wednesday, November 23, 2005

ok so my pocketbook is a little lighter! *tear *tear. yes my kansas jayhawks lost last night. while the dh waited a little bit to call, the ds dakota waited NO time. i see his christmas gifts getting returned. lol (love you dakota) well then i get home to see that my dear friend stephanie has rubbed it in too! her little comments on my post are NOT how our phone conversation went down... i called and told her i thought she was my friend, and that i could not believe that she would talk about my jayhawks like that. yes stephanie i still love you! *wink! the i had to get bashed at cheerleading too KEITH! that's ok i still got mom and nannie at my side, and we will see who make it to the big dance in march!! yes i have already placed the bets with dh and ds! will i ever learn *wink! GO KU

1 comment:

stephfreeman said...

I was wondering who won... ok - confession - I don't keep up with anything Razorbacks except baseball. Imagine that!

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