Wednesday, November 23, 2005

i wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. take time to reflect on the things you are thankful for. God has really blessed our family this year and have so many thankful things i would like to share with you, many are personal so please don't laugh, and some are little thing but little things can turn into big things....
1. thankful for dh eric who loves me just as i am and takes care of me both financially, spiritualy, and supports every creative idea i come up with, even thought i may not follow through with.
2. two children dakota and tucker who both have been healthy and given me many memories to treasure for the year.
3. my mom whom i love very much, and is not only my mom but my friend who takes time to listen to me and helps me through the hard times and loves me unconditionaly. love you mom
4. my dad's health - take care of you heart daddy
5. my nannie and popo blessing me with another year of memories. they are the greatest grandparents and great grandparents that anyone could ever ask for. i love you both
6. my brothers trevor and jerod their wifes carmine and danae my sister mary and her daughter vanessa thank-you for a year of memories and love.
7. my home and the Lord giving us the financial means to start the renovation process.
8. ohh and i would not be who i am today with out all my loyal, faithful, praying, supportive, scrapbooking buddies. how one person could be as blessed as me with friends is amazing! to the gang melanie, julie, courtney, stephanie, peggy, shawnda, karen, sandi, athena, stacy, april d, rhonda, kara, and lexie you guys are such a big piece of who i am - i love you all and here's to another year of memories with photos we will never be caught up on! * wink
9. and God blessing my buisness this year, and through out the next year and many more to come.
enjoy your day and eat so much you wanna throw up! ha-ha-ha
huggs OO kisses XX and lots of love


Julie said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I love you!

stephfreeman said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love you! Steph

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