Monday, November 28, 2005

i'm so FULL! the bull family spent a nice quiet week-end at home, in our pj's, we were lucky if we took a shower *wink lol! cooked early in the morning thursday, ate around 12:30 worked around the house, did do alittle shopping, and spent the week-end with the ones i love! ds dakota and dh eric had wonderful time hunting. eric didn't get anything but dakota had the proud kill of an armadillo (WHAT!) so i asked him where it was at? mom we left it. i was mortified that he would kill something and leave it in the woods. from what i gather it's a guy thing! today had to take a shower and come to work! have got alot caught up and getting ready for the end of the year paperwork. i will take time later to write more about me! huggs OO kisses XX and love

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stephfreeman said...

Well - Dakota killed more than my DH and DS! hehehe. The duck hunting was a bust. They decided not to go Saturday and Sunday. Can't tell you the last time that happened... David missing hunting. WOW!

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