Wednesday, November 30, 2005

well hump day it is, thank heaven! well an ok week, have got alot done both work, personal, my buisness, and little things just caught up. tucker and i will be heading to tulsa ok. friday after school to cheer - cheer - cheer for those ACU JAGS! my mom, connie is meeting us. YEA! eric has drill this week-end and won't be able to make it. tucker gets to fly in one of the stunt groups at this one and is really working hard at the gym lately, eric and i are very proud! did i mention that my dishwasher has died! yes eric it has - dh says it just gets stuck. well when it's stuck in the same spot for 2 hours, i think BROKE! we'll see. i got my submission in for a million little things dt, and most of my stuff to april and cindy at memoryvilla. i really need to work harder and the scrapbooking. it seems like lately no time and my mojo needs to come back. i took some good pics of tucker this week-end and need to get them printed off so i can get my scrapncircle dt stuff done. by the wasy i have NOT packed for this week-end yet either, ohhhhh! the whole month of december we will be gone every week-end i now see my house work going down hill too, not that i'm any june cleaver by no means but hey i try! well my good oh buddy keith from cheer was so excited to see i put his name on my blog, keith when i'm mad at you for rubbin something in my face i don't think that's a good thing LOL! well need to get some work done. be back soon! huggs OO kisses XX and love - le anne

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Lexie said...

oh, no dishwasher. Yuck, Yuck. I'd be going dishwasher shopping asap. I hate washing dishes by hand.

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