Thursday, March 09, 2006

Leaving A Legacy.....

have you ever wondered what you mean to everyone around you, or what they mean to you? over the last 4 days i think i understand..... you see my husbands father David Charles Bull passed from this life on sunday march the 4th, 2006
what David meant to me was.....
* the man who gave my husbad life
* a man who was a soldier, serving in vietnam and earning a purple heart, a hero
* a son
* a brother
* a grandfather
* a friend
* someone who died alone
* and someone that i didn't tell him how much i loved him, for that i'm sorry. a man who lived less than 10 blocks from my house, but yet never came to visit, nor did i go visit him, for that i'm sorry. i sent him notes and pictures of tucker with never a note back. do you think not sharing with someone everyday how much you love them, do you think they know? i'm struggling with David's death and hope he does know how much he was loved. a man who came back from a war full of politics and was never thanked, and never told he was a hero. when it came to yesterday he was a hero, who was given a hero's burial. a brand new American Flag covered his casket, many of his favorite yellow mums and tulips surround him. fellows soldiers salute him and he passes by, with Amazing Grave playing by a Army bugler, the folding and presenting of the flag to his mother, while Taps is playing in the background. a hero remembered.

* today tell someone how much you love them and admire them, take 30 minutes to visit someone you have not visited in awhile. tell a veteran thank-you.

David - I Love You and will treasure your memories forever.
le anne


Jen SH said...

Wow, Le Anne. What a courageous, heartfelt journal. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Julie said...

Thinking of you during this difficult time Le. Love you!

stephfreeman said...

very moving tribute! My heart is with you!

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