Thursday, March 02, 2006

hi ya all bloggers an non bloggers who are stalking me..... *wink

well here it is thursday and getting ready for another CHEER week-end! to night we are doing half time at the UA Fort Smith basketball game. then we are off to oklahoma city on friday - sunday. eric has drill this week-end and will miss this compitition. so i'm heading down with amy and her daughter brianna. i'm gonna go by a local scrapbook store 7 minutes later and so can't wait the store looks VERY COOL!
ok on with evrything else in life....
well the crop went well last saturday - had about 38 women (less then what i planned) but still ALOT of fun! the whole gang was there, plus made some new friends. april from drove up and was a blast to hang out with all week-end! i think we should look for her a job up here! *wink and hint! april got here friday night and her and melanie came over to my house and chatted till 12:30 in the morning and then it was off to the crop early in the morning. great food THANKS stacey brooks. and great fellowship and tons of new memories and some great photos! "i swear mom all i did was kiss him" sorry! you had to be at starbucks for the after party to get this but still funny. and rhonda shaws great showing of SNL in the chair OH MY! and a big shout out to jon and cindy at for all the AWESOME door prizes. *heart you both! thanks to all who came to the crop i know it was no GASC but i will make the next one better! already starting to work on it! *wink
speaking of go to there web site and check out the crop they will be doing this month 17th -19th if you have ever wanted to feel like a star at a crop - well here it is! loads of prizes and special gifts. seriously check it out and call and book your spot! TONS of fun. plu i will be there *wink
house new years resolution is going well and really trying to get alot of it deep cleaned before the end of the month - why you ask my MOM is coming YEA! so is my brothers and their wifes and i hope my nannie and popo. they will be here for tucker's cheer compitition and the fort smith convention center on the 25th so excited my brothers have never seen my home, so i hope to have it as pretty as i can! so if you dont have plans that week-end come watch tucker and those kick some butt!
still working out three days a week. going ok, rose my personal trainer wont let me weight yet so now progress to report. i know i do feel better, and while i may not look like some hot super model from the neck down, im getting healthy!
well i guess i better get some work done *wink will try to write more later today!
huggs OO kisses XX and love

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