Tuesday, March 14, 2006

well tuesday afternoon here.. and having a fairly normal week.. *wink as normal as can be when it comes to me!
getting ready for this week-end 1st annual www.memoryvilla.com crop! don't worry there is still time to sign up, go check out the site and get ready for some great classes, make-n-takes, great food, and FUN FUN FUN! Plus what a view.
still keeping up with the house, really need to get into tucker's room and do a deep cleaning. next is the attic! shooting for a yard sale in april, gotta raise that money for all the scrapbooking conventions coming up! *wink (love you honey!) have really gone through all the scrapbooking supplies and cleaned out all the old and making room for the new! *wink (sorry again honey) this makes jon and cindy happy at www.memoryvilla.com when i get a private email letting me know "NEW HEIDI SWAPP" just in. i pull a melanie and fall to floor from passing out only to wake up looking for eric's credit card! *wink i must save my money for hotels and food!
going tonight or tommorow and getting new shoes! (yes julie i'm gonna copy cat) i have it between a pair of merryls or tsumo's *wink i want them both, but think for now i will just get one.
please be praying for my friend cheryl manz have some real struggles with pain, but keeping a positive attitude. check out her blog > on right.
i want to do a contest on my blog seems like alot of gals are doing these, so i want to be next! with a nice RAK remember i just cleaned! plus i want to see how many gals read my blog! ok so you 5 gals get ready. will post tonight or first thing in the morning.
tonight we have tumbling and cheer, will have to leave early tucker has school program tonight.
well till later....
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne

1 comment:

Julie said...

I'm geared up and ready for the contest...woohoo!!! Can't wait for this weekend. Also, tell me when your yardsale is. I'm coming over so people will buy all my paper remember?? he, he

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