Thursday, March 16, 2006

ok it took an extra day sorry....
i'm doing this for fun to see how many people really read this blog! how it's gonna work, i will ask 10 questions about myself you comment back your answers, the person with the most correct answers will win a RAK from me. If there is a tie i will throw all those is a hat and draw a name. If you are someone who happens accross my blog, most of the answers to the questions will be in my blog.
#1 what is my favorite scrapbooking manufacture?
#2 what is the chant of my favorite college team?
#3 what is my biggest scrapbooking dream?
#4 where did dh eric take me for our 5th wedding anniversary last year?
#5 what is my biggest personal dream?
#6 what is my dream car?
#7 who is my bestest friend?
#8 what is the name of tucker's cheer squad?
#9 my favorite chocolate snack?
#10 what female celebrity do i want to meet the most?

there you have it! i do hope there are more than 5 who read my blog! *wink

pss keith hocott if you not taking up scrapbooking then you don't wanna play! ha-ha-ha-ha!

have fun and will check back on monday and by tuesday we'll have a winner!
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne


Julie said...

Okay...I'm not sure that I'm getting all of these right. I should interview you more often...I'll do that on our road trip this weekend!

1. Heidi Swapp
2. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Go KU!
3. name in lots of publications, mfg. HS!
4. start spreading the news, I'm leaving today....New York!
5. successful business with your photography, stay home with Tucker
6. Chevy Tahoe
7. Melanie
8. ACU Jags
9. I don't know...chocolate covered strawberries??
10. Heidi Swapp??

lilscrappymom said...

2. Rock chalk Jay Hawk GO KU!! be on HS DT?!
4. TO DC and NYC!!
5. To be able to be a SAHM with Tucker and to put JODI's out of business *wink*
6. Tahoe
8. ACU Jags know i really DON't know this one...
10. YOu wanna MOVE IN with Heidi Swapp!!

Keith Hocott said...

I wanna play, but you are correct I don't want to take up scrapbooking and I don't know the answeres to some of these. Here are the ones that I do.

#2 Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Go KU! (yuck!)
#4 NY/DC
#6 Tahoe (I think)
#7 Terri/Keith LOL....

Have agreat day Le Anne...

stephfreeman said...

ok - you posted the answers before I got a chance!

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