Monday, July 17, 2006

hi ya'll
welcome to my day and my life as i share it with you....

had a wonderful week-end went to see my grandparents (aka nannie & popo) and my mom connie. made the 3 hour trip on friday (yes eric and i 6th wedding anniversary) ps eric got me my pink razor cell phone ( i sooo *heart it.... just can't figure the silly thing out) spent friday night cropping after everyone went to bed and cropped till my mom got there about 3:30 in the morning. saturday it was more cropping, i promised nannie i would get her album done to where all she has to to is add pics of tucker cheering. she loved it. eric did some honey do's for nannie & popo, it's so nice to bless someone with little things that make their lives alittle easier. sunday i got to go eat at my favorite place chicken annies LOVE it (even brought some home) got home last night and welcomed myself back to reality and all the things i need and would like to get done this week. (note to self make a list)

as i was reading through blogs this morning and catching up to what everyone posted over the week-end. i came accross something that melody ross (check her out on my list of favorites on the right) had written on hers, speaking about her ex assistant kat. if you have never met her.... WOW you are missing out. i had the honor and pleasure to meet her two years ago at gasc in arlington texas. she meet some of my friends that took her class, and came back later that night to find them at the crop. she found us and one thing lead to another and we all sat down and talked for hours. she told us all about how the Lord blessed her with and how it all seemed to happen over night. in everything that we talked about, i came to the conculsion she is REAL! i'm serious.... she is a working, praying, believing, mom and wife.... she is REAL! she is so inspiring to believe in your self and to follow your dreams (no matter how BIG) you may think they are! everytime i read her blog i truely don't know if i should cry and strive harder to believe in myself and dive in to life. i think just as melody thinks that kat blesses her and keeps her focused and striving to do her best.... kat is a friend. that is what i sooo love about scrapbooking i think you meet some of the most REALEST people in the world. melody this is just a little note to let you know.... your awesome and REAL! thank-you for evrything you do daily to lift us up that read your blog and dare us to reach for the stars. with that this week i will doing what melody done, i will pick a few people in my life that just complete me.... friends, family, girlfriends, and some people who don't even know i'm on plant earth who inspire me. look for a post later today.... i must work alittle.
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne


Julie said...

i am boycotting and not commenting anymore on your stinkin' blog until you comment on mine! are you on strike? do you not love me? do you not read my blog anymore? am i boring??? wahhhhhhhhhhh.

shawnda said...

Glad you had a fab weekend and thanks for all your inspiration. Believe it or not you are a huge inspiration to a lot of people. You are like the energizer bunny; you keep going and going ect... You're an awesome friend, amazing mom, and you work hard in all your jobs! Love ya girl.

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