Tuesday, July 18, 2006

good morning blogland....
i come today with my long distance dedications.... (sorry flashback to casey and the 80's)

the first person on my list would be my mom.... connie lynn
well where to start without writing a book. My mom is the most supportive, caring, loving, giving, and unselfish person that i know. she is the mother of 4 children and of course the Lord blessed her with me first *wink *wink. she has always put us kids first, above herself in everything. she makes me laugh, and she makes me cry.... but most of all even at 36 years old she keeps me lined out. she encourages me when i have done wrong, she praises me and yells out loud for me when i make her proud. she is the best mom in the world! I Love You Mom....

next would be my nannie & popo.... aka Mildred & Roland Blackmon
well without trying to cry.... my grandparents are a perfect example of what a happy, loving, christian husband and wife are. they have always in my mind been so cute and funny. they love each other and now that they are getting older they take care of each other.... even when they are tired. nannie is always kissin popo so sweetly and popo pinches her on the honey buns. love is good and seeing it happen before your eyes make you wanna love that much too. I Love You both.

my dear husband will come next.... eric charles bull
what can i say, it's never a dull moment in our life. from me thinking i can 100 things done in a day, to all the running and planning i do, we are always on the go. (sorry athena - *wink) eric loves me unconditional and sometimes he has to reminds me that i should do the same in return. deep inside he is a closet romantic, and i love that about him. he supports every dream i have. i think he would go to the ends of the earth to make his little girl (tucker NOT me) happy. when i'm mad at him i remember the look on tucker's face when her daddy walks into the room and know that i have got the best husband for me and the best father for both of my children. he provides, loves, and just wants dakota and tucker to be happy, and to have some life opportunities that he didn't have. Love You eric

then we get to the girlfriends.... there are so many i think i will make that a seperate entry.

tell someone today how much you love them
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne


Monica said...

Le, that is just so sweet!

stephfreeman said...

I Love you, Le!!!! You are so wonderfully sweet!

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