Wednesday, July 19, 2006

hi ya'll

here i am late in the day - but i did check in!
here is the news of the day in my world....

we have a new little member in our family (no i'm not pregnant - can't be) today the guys out in the shop found this ohhh so cute litlle girl kitten, all black and needs a home.... so a trip over to the vet next door for declawing, bath, and shots. her name is now gracie lynn bull. i only hope snowball (our adult male all white cat) will like the idea as much as i do of have another little one around the house. gracie will have to stay at the vet for a couple of days then she will get to come home.

well since another dt member let this out i will share with my crowd. i'm gonna be on a dvd (not that kind knuckle head) will be filming soon a instructional video that will have some neat trick, little projects, and big project, organizing ideas too. so excited - will give you more details as i can but we are filming soon.
other things in my scrapbooking world gonna have some new layouts up tonight or tomm @ super cute stuff (ok i like it)
for those who have always wanted my handwriting - details to come soon.
and i hopefully will be teaching soon in a place far far away. working on some stuff to forward to owner. excited - will give you more details and dates if anything happens.
i have been so inspired here lately with my world and have got some (for me cute) ideas i have doodled down. i hope i can find someone else who likes them too.
ohh and my funny story of the day (tooting my own horn - sorry) sent eric to get something to add to tucker birthday gift box at hobby lobby and here's how it went down....
eric: can you help me find a herma tab dispenser?
hl lady: yes this way - is this for your wife?
eric: no it's for my daughter who's birthday is on thursday. my wife scrapbooks she is like on a dt and has been published and now she has my daughter scrapbooking too.
hl lady: really who is your wife?
eric: le anne bull
hl lady: ohhh my le anne is your wife? ohhh i just love her - she does some cute stuff, just love her, her your husband/
eric: yes (in the back of his mind "show me what i want lady so i can leave")
hl lady: here is what she needs.
eric: thank-you

eric then calls me - i know my head did get alittle bigger! sorry

well almost time to go to cheer, but here are my shout outs for the day...
today is my nannie's birthday "happy birthday nannie" I Love You
today is also my nannie & popo's wedding anniversary - love and take care of each other.
today is also my "peep" melanie (aka felony melanie) birthday "happy birthday girl" Love You (when i called earlier she was dancing around in the house in her underwear - OHHHHH MYYYY) JJ
today is also my friend athena's dad's birthday jim putman (aka one of my sunday school teachers) Love Him "happy birthday jim"

can't think of anything else tommorow is my sweet little angel tucker's birthday! she will be the big bad 7. look for pics in the morning and i will let you know what will happen tommorow.
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne


Monica said...

OK, should I feel honored, you named your cat after my daughter???? :)

Julie said...

your stuff is cool leanne! you are awesome, of course the lady at hobby lobby loves you. everyone loves you. =)

lilscrappymom said...

aww thanks.. and nope i was MOPING around the house in my underwear... BIG difference! haha
yeah HL girl loves you, im tellin ya Leanne BULL is fixin to be a household famous name! Just don't forget all the lil peeps!


stephfreeman said...

Told you... I am the LEANNE FREAK. I really need to get started on that shirt! Someday - you'll be the famous one that everyone else wants to meet and I'll get to say "Yeah - I am one of her BFF's and the ORIGINAL LeAnne Freak!"

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